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Camp Shakespeare 2021

Please note: Camp Shakespeare will not be accepting new applications for 2021.

Following safety guidelines outlined by the University of Texas, the 2020 Camp Shakespeare sessions and selected students were rescheduled to the summer of 2021. We invite all interested in the program to attend our 2021 performances.

Application materials for the summer of 2022 will be available in November of 2021. We will begin accepting applications after that time.


Camp Shakespeare is a two-week University of Texas residential summer camp for young people, ages 11-16,* dedicated to exploring Shakespeare through performance. “Exploring” and “performance” are key words here. They suggest that we are finding our way not through rehearsals but performances. Every moment is performance. Campers are challenged to play out their interpretative discoveries on stage.  

 (*The younger applicants must have reached 11 by January 1, 2022. )

All of the elements of the program are intended to promote an understanding and appreciation of the works of Shakespeare, and of their extraordinarily complex and penetrating vision of human life. Campers develop, test and transcend their sense of self through their exploration of Shakespearean characters. What we pursue here is the conviction that anyone can live life more fully through a personal encounter with Shakespeare’s art.

Camp Shakespeare seeks kids who work well with others, who are inventive, elastic, eager to play, explore and take risks, and are ready to rumble when they arrive.  

Camp Shakespeare accepts applications from candidates anywhere, in public, private, or home schools.  Experience with theater or with Shakespeare is not necessary. Commitment to working long hours daily at play with others is. Each session will be composed of 14 students.


Camp Dates

Camp Shakespeare will offer two sessions for Summer 2021:

Session 1:  Sunday, June 6 Sunday, June 20, 2021
Session 2:  Sunday, June 27Sunday, July 11, 2021


The Plays

Session 1: Much Ado About Nothing
Session 2: Twelfth Night

Four public performances of each play for each Session:
- Scottish Rite Theater, Austin, TX
- Crystal Theater, Gonzales, TX
- Winedale Theater Barn, Winedale, TX

Due to COVID, there will be no public performances for 2021 Camp Shakespeare.


Camp Fee

The cost of Camp Shakespeare 2021 is $1,500. Some scholarships are available.

Questions of any kind should be directed to Doc Ayres at

For a full description of Camp Shakespeare's staff, daily schedule, application process, and more, please download the full Camp Shakespeare 2021 Information Packet.


Camp Site

The site of Camp Shakespeare ’21 is Rancho Pillow (11222 Schuster Rd., Round Top, TX 78954), a 20 acre comfortable country and creative environment near Round Top, TX. Students enjoy the privilege of using and the responsibility of caring for these beautifully- decorated 19th century Texas buildings which serve as dormitories, dining, and gathering spaces. See for more information.


Daily Schedule and Activity  

Campers begin their day quite early, at 6:30 with cabin-cleaning and other assigned duties before meeting in groups or one-on-one with the staff to work on lines, characterization, or a scene at 7:00. A brief period of physical and vocal exercise follows. Then breakfast. Morning and afternoon work/play sessions (from 8:15- 4:00) take place in the Theater Barn at Winedale and the air-conditioned Henkel Hall in Round Top. Every lunch is a picnic, prepared and set out by campers. Late afternoon sessions (4:00-6:00) are busy with Journal writing, relaxation exercises, quiet time, painting, mask- making, lines, and preparing for the evening. Improvised “problem-solving” exercises, singing, dancing, and free improvisational play follow supper. The day concludes with film sequences of Shakespeare’s plays and Cabin Time, wherein campers “unwind” and exchange responses to accomplishments of the day. 
Lights out : 9:15 p.m.