Department of Anthropology

Symposium About Language and Society, Austin (SALSA)

Fri, April 14, 2017

The Symposium About Language and Society (SALSA) is an annual symposium promoting linguistic, linguistic anthropological and communication research at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally created through the joint efforts of students from the Linguistic, Anthropology and Communication Studies Departments at the University of Texas, SALSA has developed into an interdisciplinary conference with contributions from various fields, including foreign language education, educational psychology, media studies, and numerous language departments.

This year's theme is Language Contact and Multilingualism. We will look at contact broadly as the point where different languages and cultures come together and influence one another. We want to examine language contact throughout history and how it has shaped the present day languages in a variety of contexts and outcomes.

Through this perspective we examine questions such as how does language contact impact bilingual and multilingual societies? How does contact affect methods of communication? How do intersecting cultures influence language use? What types of language ideologies influence and arise out of this contact situation? How has contact impacted the relationship between identity and language? In a world where contact is seemingly everywhere, how do we understand the particularities of different contact situations? How is contact encoded in the features of the languages in contact? How do social media and other forms of mass media impact contact? What role does contact play in projects of revitalization and documentation of languages? SALSA XXV seeks to explore these questions and more in order to contribute to literature in linguistics, anthropology, communication sciences, and interdisciplinary fields such as media, queer, critical race, area, and women's and gender studies.

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Sponsored by: Department of Linguistics, Department of Anthropology, College of Communication

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