Department of Anthropology

Faculty Advising for Current Graduate Students

An individual faculty adviser is assigned to each student upon admission to the program. This initial assignment is provisional, and its continuation is subject to the approval of both parties. A student must always have an individual adviser who is a member of the departmental faculty, but students can freely change advisers, provided only that the newly chosen adviser is willing and the former adviser is informed of the change. Students must report all changes of adviser to the Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Advisor.

Students should plan their program of studies in consultation with their individual adviser. All students' registration forms must be signed by the Graduate Advisor, but before seeking the Graduate Advisor's signature students should get their proposed coursework approved by their individual adviser. Approval is given by the individual adviser's signature on the department's registration form. Students who have not already obtained their individual adviser's approval of their program should not expect the Graduate Advisor to sign their registration forms. Since faculty members are not always on campus at the time of registration, students should complete the department's registration form, and have it signed by their individual adviser, during the previous period of pre-registration.

Students must maintain close communication with their individual advisers at every stage of their graduate study. A student's faculty adviser should be involved in all major decisions regarding a student's graduate work.