Department of Anthropology

Domenic Romanello

M.A./PhD Biological Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Domenic Romanello


  • Office: Primate Behavior and Ecology Lab
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00-11:00AM SAC 4.116


Madagascar, primate conservation, tree hollows, fire/cyclone ecology.


Undergraduate Institution 

B.S. Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation / Anthropology.

Canisius College of Buffalo, New York.


Dr. Rebecca Lewis


As a member of Team Ape, a primate research group at Canisius College, Domenic’s primary focus was on the behavior of captive western lowland gorillas; however, he also has field experience in both South Africa and Madagascar. Domenic served as a conservation volunteer at St. Luce Reserve in southeastern Madagascar, and later worked as a field assistant for the South African Galago Ecology Project led by Dr. Frank Cuozzo and Dr. Michelle Sauther. Most recently, he has presented research on intermediate dry forest recovery patterns following Cyclone Fanele in Kirindy Mitea National Park, Madagascar. 


Cuozzo, F., Sauther, M., Halajian, A., Linden, B., Linden J., Tordiffe, A., Millette, J., Romanello, D. (In Prep.). Human Induced Threats to a Nonhuman Primate of “Least Concern” (Otolemur crassicaudatus) in Northern South Africa.

Margulis, S., Romanello, D. (2019). Data Coding, Measurement Error, and Reliability. In: Choe, J.C. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, (2nd ed.). 3: 447–454. Elsevier, Academic Press.

Romanello, D. (In Press). Animals for the Arena. In: Birx, H. James (Ed.). Quo Vadis: Epic Novel & Epic Film.