Department of Anthropology

Nicole Payntar

M.A. Near Eastern Archaeology, Durham University

Nicole Payntar



Peru; Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Archaeology; Cultural Heritage; Place-Making; Land-Change Science


ANT S304 • Intro Archaeol Stds: Prehist

79894 • Summer 2018
Meets MTWTHF 1:00PM-2:30PM SAC 5.172

An introduction to archaeology as a discipline.  Three major themes that deal with issues of the past will be covered:

1.  A brief history of the discipline, changing theories about various aspects of the past, and the role that the reconstructions of the past play in national and/or group identities.

2.  A survey of the development of human culture from its beginnings to the rise of civilizations and proto-historical cultures in most areas of the world.  Prehistoric cultures, archaeological sites, and areas of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe , and the Pacific will be covered.

3.  Archaeological methods of recovery of information about the past.  Scientific procedures involved in excavation, dating, and preservation of the material record.

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