Department of Anthropology

Rachel Voyt

University of Texas at Austin

Rachel Voyt



development and maintenance of female dominant social systems, socioendocrinology, genetics and epigenetics, applications of feminist and queer theory to primatology, ethnoprimatology


ANT 324L • Evol Thry Id Pol Primatology

31920 • Spring 2022
Meets MW 3:30PM-5:00PM WCP 5.172

This course brings the study of primatology and its associated evolutionary paradigms into conversation with human identity politics, particularly those surroundings ex, gender, and reproduction. We will examine both how research on non-human primates influences our understanding of sex and sex roles in humans as well as how shifting cultural perceptions of sex and gender in turn shapes non-human primate research. To do so, this course will draw from the fields of animal behavior, physiology, and cellular biology alongside fields such as history of science, social studies of science, and intersectional feminist, queer, and indigenous theory. With these bodies of knowledge, we will conduct a critical examination of sex and reproduction as it historically and currently exists within the evolutionary canon, the positionalities and power structures influencing knowledge production with regard to these topics in primatology, and how perceptions of sex and reproduction in non-human primates are utilized in human popular culture.  

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