Department of Anthropology

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

The Anthropology Department of the University of Texas at Austin offers a graduate level thematic concentration on the United States-Mexico Border and Mexican Americans. Graduate students will be able to take courses, or work with a professor in consultation, to study the following themes:

  • Indigenous People:  Mexico and the U.S. Southwest will be the focus of this area of study.  Topics in this area include:  Mesoamerican and Aztec studies, mission Indians of the Southwest, and the indigenous heritage of Mexican Americans.  Faculty: Menchaca, Rodriguez-Alegria, Strong, Wade, and Valdez.
  • Mexican History and Culture:  Students will study Mexican history and culture on both sides of the United States-Mexico border. Faculty: Flores, Menchaca, Rodriguez-Alegria, Wade and Valdez.
  • Mexican American Society:  Students will examine contemporary issues dealing with race, ethnicity, folklore, education, family, gender, Latino relations, immigrants, and political economy. Faculty: Flores, and Menchaca.
  • The United States-Mexico Border: Historical and contemporary themes dealing with culture, globalization, transnationalism, immigration, violence, and economics will be the focus of this area of study. Faculty: Menchaca.
  • Latinos and Gender: Latino colonial, post-colonial and contemporary issues addressing specifically gender and forms of conflict. Faculty: Wade.

Admission to the Program

Students interested in this graduate concentration should apply directly to the Anthropology Department (e.g., archaeology, social anthropology, public culture) and indicate in the statement of purpose their interest in being accepted to this program. Application materials may be obtained from the Anthropology department. For further information contact Dr. Martha Menchaca.

Financial Assistance

Two fellowships will be granted to students. Teaching assistance funds are also available from the Anthropology Department and the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS).  For additional information on CMAS teaching assistantships please refer to the Mexican American Studies Doctoral Portfolio Program offered by the Center for Mexican American Studies.  It is a university-wide multi-disciplinary graduate program.