Department of Anthropology

LMS Editors

Chiho Sunakawa
Ph.D Student in the Linguistic Anthropology program, Department of Anthropology

Chiho's research addresses how sociocultural meanings of community are created and maintained by using different communication tools including language, gesture, and material objects in interactional spaces. Her current work explores the socialization processes of Japanese families in the U.S. when they use webcams with their other family members who live in Japan. She also researches the ways in which shared knowledge is co-constructed among students of orchestral conducting. Chiho is a graduate of the sociolinguistics program at Japan Women's University. Since she joined the University of Texas at Austin as a Fulbright graduate scholar, she has been participating in various local activities that aim to strengthen relations between Japan and the United States.

Terra Edwards
Ph.D Student in the Linguistic Anthropology program, Department of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley

Terra Edwards is a PhD student in the department of anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Her interests include linguistic anthropology; socio-cultural anthropology; communicative practice; language, embodiment, and cognition; language and gesture; language in interaction; and Deaf and Deaf-Blind communities. Her current research focuses on communication practices in the Deaf-Blind community of Seattle, Washington, where a tactile variety of American Sign Language is emerging along with a tactile form of social life. Edwards received her master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Texas in 2007. She is also a graduate of The Evergreen State College and The American Sign Language and Interpreting School of Seattle, and is certified by the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters in the state of Texas.  For the past eleven years, she has been involved in many capacities in the Deaf and Deaf-Blind communities of Seattle, Washington.

Nathan Rostron

Copy Editor

In addition to his contributions for LMS, Nathan is currently working as an editorial assistant for Little, Brown and Company, in New York, NY. While in Austin, he was the Editor of the literary magazine, Bat City Review.


Eric Webb

Copy Editor

Eric is a Journalism major pursuing the Copy Editing and Design degree sequence in the College of Communication. In addition to his work for LMS, he is a freelance editor and visual designer.