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The John L.  Warfield Center for African and African American Studies is an interdisciplinary research center committed to politically engaged intellectual and artistic programming in the examination of Black people and Black communities. Guided by innovative research, engaged service and critical pedagogy we foster an intellectual and artistic community that considers the processes of race, gender, sexuality, culture, and power operating within and upon Black communities.

There are 60 faculty affiliates of the Warfield Center from 20 different departments.  We offer an undergraduate major, a Doctoral Portfolio, the Warfield Scholarship for Outstanding Undergraduate Research, The Lumumba Graduate Research Fellowship in History, a Yoruba Studies Program, a Diaspora Lecture Series, and a Workshop in African Studies, the Performing Blackness Series, and art exhibits in the ISESE Gallery.

The Warfield Center works tenaciously to provide a rigorous education for all UT students that focuses on the insurgent politics and aesthetic agency of African and African diasporic peoples.

As we strive to meet these goals, the demands on our resources increase.

If you believe in our mission to extend our influence nationally and internationally, do consider making a tax-deductible contribution.  You would be surprised at how important your contribution can be in supporting our growing community. 

 We welcome contributions through our secure online form

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