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BlackWomenHistory Michaelraycharles Travestismos Kwaito
A Black Women’s History of the United States (2020)
by Daina Berry
Michael Ray Charles: A Retrospective (2020)
by Cherise Smith
Travestismos culturales. Literatura y etnografía en Cuba y el Brasil (2020)
by Jossianna Arroyo
Kwaito Bodies: Remastering Space and Subjectivity in Post-Apartheid South Africa (2020)
by Xavier Livermon
SlavesSites Ortiz Yoruba Erotic Islands
Slave Sites on Display (2019)
by Helena Woodard
Fernado Ortiz on Music: Selected Writing on Afro-Cuban Culture (2018)
by Robin D. Moore
The Yoruba in Brazil, Brazilians in Yorubaland: Cultural Encounter, Resilience Atlantic World (2018)
by Toyin Falola and Niyi Afolabi
Erotic Islands: Art and Activism in Queer Caribbean (2018)
by Lyndon Gill
Price for their Pound of Flesh Roots and Culture Afro Paradise Dark Matters
The Price for Their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation (2017)
by Daina Berry
Roots & Culture: Cultural Politics in the Making of Black Britain (2017) 
by Eddie Chambers
Afro-Paradise: Black Violence and Performance in Brazil (2016)
by Christen Smith
Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness (2015)
by Simone Browne
Black Intellectual Thought Theatrical Jazz Unsettled Art parody and politics
Black Intellectual Thought in Education: The Missing Traditions of Anna Julia Cooper, Carter G. Woodson, and Alain Leroy (2015) 
by Carl A. Grant (Author), Keffrelyn D. Brown (Author), Anthony L. Brown (Author)
Theatrical Jazz: Performance, Àse, and the Power of the Present Moment (2015)
by Omi Osun Joni L. Jones
Unsettled: Cambodian Refugees in the New York City Hyperghetto (Asian American History & Culture) (2015)
by Eric Tang
Art, parody and politics: dele jegede’s creative activism, Nigeria and the transnational space (2014)
by Toyin Falola and Adérónké Adésolá Adésànyà (Editors)
Men of color in higher education In the Cause of Freedom Unsettled Writing Secrecy
Men of Color in Higher Education: New Foundations for Developing Models for Success (2014) 
by Edmund T. Gordon (Contributor)
In the Cause of Freedom: Radical Black Internationalism from Harlem to London, 1917-1939 (2014)
by Minkah Makalani
The Myth of Black Anti-Intellectualism: A True Psychology of African American Students (2014)
by Kevin Cokley
Writing Secrecy in Caribbean Freemasonry (2013)
by Jossianna Arroyo-Martínez
Men of color in higher education Writing Secrecy Writing Secrecy Art parody and politics
The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code-switching (2012) 
by Almeida Jacqueline Toribio
The Education of Black Males in a 'Post-Racial' World (2011)
by Anthony L. Brown
Global Perspectives on Technology Transfer and Commercialization: Building Innovative Ecosystems (2011)
by John Sibley Butler and David V. Gibson (Editors)
Western Frontiers of African Art (2011)
by Moyo Okediji
Men of color in higher education Writing Secrecy Writing Secrecy Art parody and politics
Enacting Others: Politics of Identity in Elenor Antin, Nikki S. Lee, Adrian Piper, and Anna Deavere Smith (2011) 
by Cherise Smith
The City on the Hill From Below: The Crisis of Prophetic Black Politics(2011)
by Stephen Marshall
Real Role Models: Successful African Americans Beyond Pop Culture(2010)
by Louis Harrison and Joan Spearman (Authors)
African- American Political Psychology: Identity, Opinion and Action in the Post-Civil Rights Era (2010)
by Tasha S. Philpot and Ismail K. White (Editors)
Men of color in higher education Writing Secrecy Writing Secrecy Art parody and politics
A New Look at Black Families (2010) 
by Richard J. Reddick and Charles V. Willie (Authors)
Beyond the Black Lady: Sexuality and the New African American Middle Class (2010)
by Lisa B. Thompson
Exiles at Home: The Struggle to Become American in Creole New Orleans (2009)
by Shirley Thompson
The History of Black Business in America: Capitalism, Race, Entrepreneurship (2009)
by Juliet E.K. Walker
Men of color in higher education Writing Secrecy Writing Secrecy Art parody and politics
Politics in the Pews: The Political Mobiliazation of Black Churches (2008) 
by Eric L. McDaniel
Race, Gender, and Comparative Black Modernism (2008)
by Jennifer M. Wilks
Race, Republicans, and the Return of the Party of Lincoln (2007)
by Tasha S. Philpot
African American Women and HIV/AIDS: Critical Responses (2002)
by Dorie J. Gilbert
Men of color in higher education
African-British Writings in the Eighteenth Century: The Politics of Race and Reason (1999) 
by Helena Woodard

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