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Photo of Cherise Smith

Cherise Smith

Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies, Executive Director of the Galleries at Black Studies |
(512 )232-7819 |
GWB 2.116E

Photo of Lise Ragbir

Lise Ragbir

Interim Director of the John L. Warfield Center of African and African American Studies |
512-471-3579 |
GWB 2.202B

Photo of Stephanie L Lang

Stephanie L Lang

Program Administrator |
512-471-4413 |
GWB 2.202A

Photo of Justice Madden

Justice Madden

Administrative Associate |
512-471-1784 |
GWB 2.202

Photo of Tony Araguz

Tony Araguz

Financial Manager for Black Studies |
512-471-5292 |
GWB 3.100