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Thank you for your interest in our students! We take pride in helping our students connect to professional development opportunities, internships, and careers.  Our office provides students the tools needed to connect with our employer partners as they begin or advance their chosen career.

We invite you to take advantage of these great resources to assist with your recruiting. If you have any questions, please contact our recruiting team at 512.471.7900 or

Hire UT Liberal Arts Students

In an increasingly complex and global marketplace, employers want dynamic and innovative workers who possess the strengths inherent in a liberal arts education. The most successful employees of this generation and the next will be creative, curious, natural systems thinkers, problem solvers, cross-culturally competent, able to manage people and proficient in writing and articulating clearly. In a nutshell: a liberal arts major.

Liberal Arts Majors are:

  • Critical thinkers - using evidence-based analysis to formulate innovative solutions to business and social issues.
  • Systems thinkers - identifying the connections between components of a larger system to expand the range of information used when solving complex problems.
  • Emotionally intelligent - developing and honing their empathy, active listening, ability to manage stress, ability to manage people and openness to feedback and change.
  • Adept learners - broadening their innate proficiency in learning new skills and knowledge to keep up with ever-changing needs in the marketplace and workforce.
  • Socially aware - observing and understanding individuals and groups to better appreciate how they process information, how they make decisions, what motivates them, what they want, and how cultural or societal norms affect the way they perceive the world.
  • Innovative - seeking new options, developing entrepreneurial ideas, formulating new concepts and creating and appreciating artistic works in order to hone their creative talents and outside-the-box thinking.
  • Communicators - honing their writing, presentation, persuasion, speech and debate skills.
  • Content managers - creating digital content and curating content to connect and integrate data from various sources.
  • Cross-culturally competent - being proficient in a second, and often third, language providing increased mobility in the international job market and developing an appreciation of foreign languages and cultures.
  • Ethically trained - learning theories and concepts of ethics and moral propositions to address conflicts and to determine individual direction.
  • Technologically proficient - using information technology and appreciating how technology is used by consumers from mechanical and societal perspectives.

Are you hiring?

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  2. Post a job/internship and recruit College of Liberal Arts students.
  3. Interview on-campus and/or conduct a lunch & learn or information session.
  4. Attend our career fairs.
  5. Contact us to help strategize your approach for on-campus recruiting.