Department of Classics

Classics Outreach Program


The Department of Classics at the University of Texas at Austin has received some funds from the College of Liberal Arts to expand its outreach efforts. As a result, we should be able to send faculty members and graduate students to various schools and events throughout Texas, to speak on whatever Classics-related topic might be of interest. In addition to Latin classes, we are eager to address English classes reading Greek and Roman literature in translation, history classes studying the ancient world, in-services, exploratory language classes, Latin clubs and events, and community gatherings outside the schools. In fact, we encourage you to think of any areas where you think a visit by a member of our Department might be of use to you, your school, and your community.


Recent class visits by UT faculty members have ranged from an introduction to Homer for second graders through discussion of Latin meter for an AP Latin class, and we can also perform scenes from ancient dramatic works in English and/or Latin. Among the topics available for presentation are Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Horoscopes of the Caesars, Linear B writing, Ancient Psychology, Alexander the Great and his Legacy, Were Gladiators the Essence of Rome?, and Musical Comedy in Ancient Rome, as well as many others.

Visits to campus

We also encourage teachers of Latin, Greek, theater, or any areas of the classical world to bring their students on field trips to our campus and our department. Among the activities we might include in a such field trip are visits to classes in Latin, Greek, or Classical Civilization; talks by professors on various topics; performances of scenes from ancient drama; and participation in our readings of Greek and Latin texts aloud (every Wednesday and Thursday at noon, or we can schedule additional ones). Some funds are available to assist school groups that might otherwise not be able to make the trip to Austin.

For more information

Please contact any of the following with your ideas on how members of the UT Austin Classics Department can contribute to your teaching (all can be reached by phone at 512-471-5742):

Lesley D. Jones, Chair:
Todd Curtis, Outreach Committee: