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Resources for Faculty

Requests through Centralized Business Services (CBS)

The Department of Classics now processes several of its expense-related requests through the Centralized Business Services Office (CBS).  In order to submit a form, please go to the CBS website and choose from the CBS forms listed on the right. These include:

Information about each type of form and its uses is below.  Also, be sure to click on the CBS link to select a form each time, rather than bookmarking the forms themselves, as these are subject to frequent revision.  Please note that the Classics Department is assigned to Centralized Business Services - Group 2 (this information is required on some of the forms).  CBS Group 2 members include:  Alicia Ramirez, Zeinab Al Zuhairi, Andrew Beachum, and Amy McMillan (supervisor)

General Reimbursements

Because of the time required for document processing, both within the department and in Accounting, requests for reimbursement submitted more than 45 days after the event may not be approved by the Dean's Office.

In order to receive a reimbursement, you should:

  • Supply original detailed receipts (if in a foreign currency, please indicate the country, date, and currency, along with a translation of the receipt if it is not in English).
  • Have a source of funds, either your research account or departmental approval for another account, in order to be reimbursed.  Please consult with Vanessa Noya to identify an account number if you are not certain.
  • Complete a General Reimbursement Form, available in the Classics office or on the CBS website and print it and submit it, with original receipts attached, to departmental staff.
  • For all reimbursements, please use paper clips;  do not use staples, tape, or highlighting.  If there are several small receipts, these can be placed in an enveloped paperclipped to the form.

Entertainment Expense Reimbursement

Preapproved entertainment costs may be reimbursed by the department or by endowment holders' own accounts. These are considered "Official Occasions,” defined as receptions, luncheons, dinners, or similar events that are sponsored and funded by UT (e.g., conferences, meetings, planning retreats, staff meetings). These functions are normally associated with special programs or conferences, University guests, faculty and staff recruitment, or business meetings.  Please document each occasion with receipts for expenses.  Procedures  for reimbursement:

  • Please print out and then provide a Texas State Sales Tax Exemption Form (paper forms available in the department office; also available on the CBS website) to a restaurant before paying the bill to avoid being charged taxes.  UT may not reimburse tax charges.  Alternatively, some restaurants will accept this tax exemption information over the phone if provided ahead of time (when making reservations, for example).
  • Entertainment expenses are limited to $75/person for an event/meeting (including tax and gratuity).
  • Tips/gratuity should be limited to no more than 20%, total.  Restaurants often add a tip to the bill automatically, so please check the bill before adding a tip.
  • Faculty and staff must submit 2 receipts for reimbursement:   itemized receipts and proof of payment, whether the bill was paid by credit card or cash.
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 45 days of the official occasion.
  • ProCards cannot be used at restaurants.
  • Alcohol Policy:  Alcohol charges may not exceed 50% of the total bill.  If you require an exception to this because of the nature of the event, please see Vanessa Noya beforehand so she can seek an exception from the Dean's Office.
  • For reimbursement for entertainment expenses, please complete the paper Official Occasion Entertainment Expense Form (OOEF) available in the department office.  Please sign it, and attach original receipts, then give it to the staff for review and forwarding to CBS.  The online OOEF form available on the CBS website is not in use by the department at this time.

Travel Reimbursements

 All travel must be approved by submitting a Travel Authorization Request (TAR) well before the travel dates.  IT IS NO LONGER NECESSARY TO USE ANTHONY TRAVEL OR CONCUR, though you may still do so if you want to have your travel direct-billed to the Department or if you would like help making your arrangements.

Information about travel services and full travel information may be found on the CBS website.  If Anthony Travel or Concur are used for your travel arrangements, you can have your travel direct-billed to the Department.  If not, you can submit your airline receipts for reimbursement after your travel.

International Travellers:  If you do not use Anthony Travel or Concur to make your travel arrangements and you will be travelling outside the U.S., please provide your travel information on the Chancellor's 2010 Directive website.

Requests for travel reimbursement should be processed using the CBS Travel Reimbursement Form.

Please note that travel reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than 45 days after your last approved travel date. You must have an approved Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) prior to travel in order to receive any reimbursements.  Please see instructions for filing a TAR/RTA below.

A list of items for which receipts are required is available at

University employees are EXEMPT from Texas State hotel occupancy taxes when traveling for University business. The University cannot reimburse any Texas State occupancy taxes unless the hotel refuses to honor the Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.  The Certificate is available at

Meals are normally paid by meal allowance, currently $51 per diem.  No meal receipts are required to receive a per diem meal allowance.

The University of Texas cannot reimburse a split bill (such as hotel) that does not have the UT payee's name.  UT will not accept private invoices for split bills; it is up to individual travelers to reconcile any private agreement. 

Alcohol is not reimbursable as a regular meal expense while traveling.  It may be reimbursed only if an entertainment expense form is filed, there are two or more having alcoholic beverages, and the business purpose of the meeting is explained on the entertainment expense form.

Upon return to Austin, original receipts should be turned in to Khoa Tran or Vanessa Noya, who will review and send them to CBS for reimbursement. Please indicate the expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement on the travel reimbursement form (available from the CBS website or from the Departmental Office). Expenses that may be reimbursed include, but are not limited to:

  • Airfare (original receipt clearly showing that payment was made). 
  • Lodging (original hotel bills are required showing itemized room rate and taxes, and showing a zero balance)
  • Meals (at or below current per diem)
  • Registration fees
  • Parking fees
  • Ground travel:  Cab/Bus/Train fares
  • UT business telephone calls and UT business internet service (reimbursed via the hotel bill)
  • Hotel occupancy taxes, except Texas State occupancy tax (reimbursed via the hotel bill)
  • Gasoline for personal car OR mileage reimbursement (mileage figures should be taken from MapQuest rather than any other source)

A member of the CBS team may contact you directly if they have any questions or need more information about your reimbursement request.

For further information on travel policy, please consult the Travel Policies in the Handbook of Business Procedures and the COLA Policy for Travel, or consult the CBS team at:

Travel Authorization Request (TAR) Form

Prior approval (by completing a TAR form) for all business travel is required for absences from campus for periods of half a day or more during the normal semester or summer working period, including exam period (even if you are not giving an exam), whether or not there is a cost to the University.  The TAR form is available on the CBS website.  The information provided on the TAR form autopopulates the RTA (Request for Travel Authorization form) used by UT.

A TAR must also be filed whenever the travel will be funded by UT, through either direct-billing or reimbursement.  Both faculty and graduate students are required to file a TAR when travel is funded by or through UT. 

Important for both faculty and graduate students:  All travel arrangements may be made through Anthony Travel or Corporate Travel Planners, full service travel agents, or Concur, on whose website you can make your own travel arrangements.  These are accessible through the CBS website.  The fee for using Anthony Travel is $23.50 for domestic flights and $30.00 for foreign travel; for Concur, the fee is $10.00.  These fees will be charged to the UT account used for your travel.  Alternatively, you can now make your own travel arrangements and submit your receipts for reimbursement to Vanessa Noya.

Please file a TAR even if there is only a remote possibility that your travel will be funded or reimbursed by UTA TAR is required for all travel funded by UT, as well as personal travel during teaching periods.  In these cases, please indicate on the TAR that UT funds will not be used by checking the box and also including it in the Notes section, and this can be changed later if UT funding is approved. This will allow you to be reimbursed if UT funding is approved after you have made your travel arrangements.

Tips for completing the TAR: 

  • The TAR must be filed at least two weeks prior to your travel. 
  • If using Anthony Travel or Concur, please include your date of birth and your name exactly as it appears on your identification document. This will be needed by Anthony Travel, Corporate Travel Planners, or Concur for your flight arrangements.  
  • Under Disposition of Duties, faculty who will be missing a class or exam must specify a faculty member who will be handling their class while they are away from campus. TAs or AIs are not authorized to cover a faculty member’s class.  If applicable, please note final exam dates and how the exam will be administered, and the plan for grade submission.
  • Under Traveler Assistance Information, you are asked whether you need assistance to make your travel arrangements.  This refers only to physical assistance (if your impairment makes you unable to operate a computer keyboard, for example) rather than assistance from a travel agent.
  • When you have finished working on the form, select “Save for Later” if you plan to revise it further, or select “Continue” if the form is complete.  The next page allows you to “Assign” the TAR.  The TAR should be assigned to Classics Travel (00019), which includes Vanessa Noya.  (If CoLA Centralized Business Services – Group 2 (00002) is the default assignee, please change this to Classics Travel (00019) from the dropdown menu and click on “Make default” for your future TARs.) Vanessa will review the TAR form and then assign it to CBS Group 2.
  • Please do not choose “Finalize”—this would relegate your request to an administrative black hole where it is inaccessible to the CBS team and it would not be acted upon.
  • If you are requesting a Faculty Travel Grant (FTG), please file both the FTG and TAR without delay between forms, as both are needed for either one to be processed.  For an FTG, please leave the account number blank, as it will be provided later in the process.
  • Travel will be reimbursed only if it occurs during the dates and in the locations stated on the TAR and FTG.  If you think you might take an additional side trip or extend your travel dates, please include hte extended dates on the TAR and FTG so you can be reimbursed for all expenses.
  • Please be sure to include all possible destinations (including small towns and anywhere to which you might take a train, bus, or taxi).  If the destination is not listed on the TAR, you will not be reimbursed for your travel costs for that destination.
  • If you will be doing personal travel along with your professional travel, thereby extending the length of your trip, please obtain an estimate of the airfare costs from Anthony Travel for the dates of the official travel only.  You will be asked to submit this estimate with your reimbursement request, along with actual receipts. 

Faculty Travel Grant (FTG)


Faculty Travel Grants are available through online application. Please consult the FTG website at for details.  Administered by the Graduate School, faculty travel grants are intended to support the presentation of the applicant's original research or creative effort.  An online Faculty Travel Grant application is available at

Attending a meeting or chairing a session does not qualify for an FTG, nor does presenting a seminar or giving a colloquium at another university.  Before beginning the application, be sure to gather:

  • the abstract (not exceeding one page in length) of the paper or presentation to be given, and
  • either a copy of the meeting program showing your name, paper or presentation topic, and date; or a letter from the meeting organizer accepting your paper or presentation and confirming your part in the program.

Applications must be completed and submitted with your TAR form no later than two weeks before your scheduled trip. But please allow three weeks for processing by the department and CBS before the application is forwarded to the Graduate School.  The FTG application and TAR should be completed and assigned at same time (one immediately after the other).

The FTG application requires you to indicate your departmental administrator.  For the FTG, the departmental administrator is:  Andrew Beachum, a CBS Group 2 member, UT EID: ab43599. He will then assign the FTG to Graduate School.  (Please note this is a different procedure than for the TAR.) There is no need to include an RTA number on the FTG application; CBS will include this number later, after the FTG has been approved by Graduate School.

If the FTG is denied by the Graduate School, the RTA will be returned to the Classics Department.  The Chair will review the travel funds request and decide whether the Department is able to fund the trip.

Departmental Faculty Travel Funds

In the Fall semester, the Department Chair will ask tenured and tenure-track faculty to submit their travel plans and requests for the academic year.  Allocation of funds will depend upon available funds and demand.  Departmental funds will be used only after the FTG option has been exhausted.  Funding for lecturers is available only in exceptional cases--please submit requests to the Chair.

ProCard Charges

The ProCard (departmental credit card) may be used for routine purchases of equipment or supplies.  It cannot be used for food purchases at restaurants.  Please consult with Khoa Tran to determine the best way to make a purchase and to sign out the ProCard.  Also, please be sure to have a Texas State Sales Tax Exemption form (available on the CBS website) available to present to the vendor to avoid being taxed—the ProCard cannot be used to pay for taxes (the Department could lose its use of the ProCard if taxes are charged).  Submission of receipts along with the Procard Form (available on the CBS website or in paper form in the department office) to department staff is required for each purchase made with the ProCard.  

UT policy regarding allowable ProCard purchases is available at ProCard Policies and Guidelines.

Texas State Sales Tax Exemption

UT employees are exempt from Texas sales tax if the purchase is made for University purposes. Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to submit the Texas State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate with their purchases, as sales tax is not reimbursable for most purposes. If you plan to make purchases that are taxable, please print an exemption certificate form from the CBS website, or obtain a paper copy from the department office and complete the information.   Present the certificate to the vendor for all University-related expenses (including entertainment) to claim the exemption. Please note that some online vendors, including, have begun to collect sales tax, and you will need to send them the tax exemption certificate along with any orders. You will not receive reimbursements for any Texas State sales tax for purchases with department funds. In many instances, you may wish to have department staff make your purchase for you to ensure tax exemption.

Professional Services Payment (for short-term work)

To request a payment for short-term services by a student or other contractor, please contact Vanessa Noya, at least three weeks before the individual begins his/her work, as this requires multiple approvals from CoLA and UT.  The payment must be authorized by UT before the individual begins the work.   If the payment is not authorized before the work is begun, the faculty member requesting the payment will be required to send a memo to the Dean explaining why UT procedure was not followed and payment may be disallowed at the Dean's discretion. 

Hiring Graduate or Undergraduate Student Assistants or Others (for more than 9 days)

Students and others who will perform work and who wlil be supervised by a faculty member, must be assigned to a position (fully hired as UT employees) before they begin work.  Please see Vanessa Noya if you are thinking of hiring a student or non-student who will provide research or other assistance.  Vanessa will submit the assignment to Human Resources and it must be finalized and approved before the work begins.   This process usually takes from two to six weeks.  Special permission from the Dean will be required for the assignment if the student begins work before approval, and the faculty member will be asked to submit a written explanation to the Dean as to why UT procedure was not followed.  There is no guarantee that the Dean will approve payment in these cases.

Leaves, Fellowships, Grants, Awards

If you are applying for or have received an external fellowship for which you will need a leave of absence, please see Vanessa Noya for a leave request form or find it on the CoLA website.

Funding Requests

Fellowships, grants, and awards available to faculty through the University are listed in the following sites:

Non-departmental funding resources:

To request funding from the Chair for invited speakers, travel, or other events, please contact the Chair directly.

Office Supplies and Equipment

Faculty should request office supplies through Khoa Tran in the Departmental Office. The University has a standing contract with Office Depot and is unable to reimburse purchases made with other vendors. Please use the online Office Depot catalog for product numbers when making requests so the staff can be sure to get exactly what you need. (Please do not use the Purchase Order Request form on the CBS website, as this does not apply to the Classics Department.)

All computers, monitors, and printers must be purchased through the Department from the UT Computer Store. All purchases must be approved before purchase. Computers purchased on UT funds are UT property and must be tagged for inventory by LAITS staff, even if purchased with research grant funds.  Immediately upon receipt of the computing equipment, please contact LAITS at extension 1-5000 to schedule UT tagging and configuration for your equipment.

Some supplies and equipment can be purchsed using the ProCard.  Faculty who have individual ProCards can find a list of disallowed purchases and vendors in the ProCard Policies and Guidelines. Limited computer and computer-related purchases may be possible with a ProCard, but these must be approved prior to purchase to ensure University policy compliance.  Please always consult Khoa Tran before purchasing any computer or other equipment or supplies.

On occasion, computing equipment vendors identified as the cheapest source are not UT approved.  Please contact Khoa Tran if you wish to order computing equipment.


You can submit your required and suggested textbooks through the University Co-op website.   Khoa Tran can also order your books for you upon request if you need assistance with this process.

Desk Copies

Your TAs and AIs will need desk copies of texts required for classes to which they are assigned; you may also need to replace outdated editions of textbooks. Please contact the Khoa Tran as soon as you have placed your order with the Co-op and received confirmation of the order, and forward the confirmation to the staff.  Khoa will contact publishers for desk copies on your behalf.  Please note that Khoa cannot order your desk copies without request and forwarded Co-op confirmations.

Faculty Computer Support

The Liberal Arts desktop support team provides computer support for all faculty and staff in the College of Liberal Arts for all UT owned computing equipment. Contact Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Support (LAITS) by email at or by phone at 512-471-5000, Monday-Friday, 7 am-7 pm.

Liberal Arts Classroom Support

LAITS can also offer help in coordinating your web presentations.  Please contact them to determine the level of assistance they can provide with a particular project.

Business Cards

Business cards are available via UT Document Solutions. Please contact the staff to place business card orders, as she will have the correct account number information.

Liberal Arts Faculty Resources

The Liberal Arts Faculty Resource page highlights the resources available through the College. The Liberal Arts website has a wealth of useful, up-to-date information on a range of human resources and training topics, including promotion and tenure, faculty annual reports, and research. Commonly used forms are also available for your convenience.

Liberal Arts Faculty Guide to Student Affairs

The Liberal Arts Faculty Guide to Student Affairs is available on this page.

Grade Changes & Grade Reporting

Information about grade changes can be found on the Registrar's grade changes web page.

  • Spring and summer grade changes and "X" incomplete to grades, must be submitted by the end of the fall semester.
  • Fall semester grade changes must be submitted by the end of the spring semester.

Grade reporting information can also be found on the Registrar's grade reporting web page.

  • Grades are sent to the Registrar through the Grade Submission System and are due by 10:00 a.m. on their due date.

Standard Course Meeting Times

Fall and Spring (long semesters)

  • MWF 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12noon, 12-1pm, 1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm (50 minutes with a ten-minute interval at the end of class)
  • TTh 8-9:30am, 9:30-11am, 11-12:30pm, 12:30-2pm, 2-3:30pm, 3:30-5pm (75 minutes with a fifteen-minute interval at the end of class)

Summer (first, second, nine-week, and whole session)

  • MTWThF 8:30-10am, 10-11:30am, 11:30-1pm, 1-2:30pm, 2:30-4pm (75 minutes with a fifteen-minute interval at the end of class)