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Core Faculty

Photo of Deborah Beck

Deborah Beck

Associate Professor |
(512) 232-5834 |
WAG 21

Education: PhD 1997, Harvard University

Interests: Formulas and oral aesthetics in early Greek poetry; cognitive theories of reading and image processing; speech and speech representation in Homeric epic; representations of art and interpretation in Augustan Latin poetry

Photo of Naomi Campa

Naomi Campa

Assistant Professor |
‭(512) 471-7890‬ |
WAG 13

Education: PhD 2014, University of Washington

Pramit Chaudhuri

Associate Professor |
512-471-5742 |
WAG 107, WAG 123

Education: Ph.D., Classics and Comparative Literature, Yale University

Photo of Todd A. Curtis

Todd A. Curtis

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-5018 |
WAG 200A

Education: PhD, Newcastle University, UK

Interests: Ancient medicine and its reception, Rhetoric of ancient science

Photo of Lesley A Dean-Jones

Lesley A Dean-Jones

Professor; Department Chair |
(512) 471-2352 |
WAG 123B

Education: Ph.D. 1987, Stanford

Interests: Ancient Medicine, Ancient Philosophy, Greek Literature, Women in Antiquity

Photo of Jennifer V Ebbeler

Jennifer V Ebbeler

Associate Professor |
471-7570 |

Education: PhD 2001, University of Pennsylvania

Joann Gulizio

Senior Lecturer

(512)471-1830 |
WAG 211

Education: Ph.D. 2011, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Greek Archaeology; Ancient Greek Religion; Linear B Studies; Mycenaean Ceramic Studies; Minoan and Mycenaean Religion; Latin Pedagogy

Sean Gurd

Professor |
WAG 119

Education: PhD, University of Toronto

Photo of Ayelet Haimson Lushkov

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov

Associate Professor |
512-471-7296 |
WAG 109

Education: PhD 2009, Yale University

Interests: Roman History and Latin Literature

Photo of Steve Lundy

Steve Lundy

Lecturer |
(512)471-8724 |
WAG 227

Education: Ph.D. 2013, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Intellectual & Cultural History of the Late Republic & Early Principate; Latin Prose, esp. Philosophy; Roman Political History; Historiography of Linguistics

Photo of Thomas G Palaima

Thomas G Palaima

Professor: Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor and Director, Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory (PASP) |
512-471-5742 or 512-471-8837 |

Education: Ph.D. 1980, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Aegean scripts & prehistory, Greek language, war & violence studies, public intellectual writing, music as social criticism, Dylanology

Photo of Paula J Perlman

Paula J Perlman

Professor |
471-7402 |
WAG 119

Education: PhD 1984, The University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Greek history of the Archaic and Classical periods, Greek historiography, ancient law, ancient religion, Greek epigraphy

Photo of Kevin Pluta

Kevin Pluta

Research Fellow, Program in Aegean Scripts and History (PASP); Lecturer |

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Bronze Age Archaeology; Greek Alphabet, World Scripts, and Literacy; Indo-European Linguistics; IT and Archaeological Database Design and Implementation

Photo of Adam T Rabinowitz

Adam T Rabinowitz

Associate Professor; Assistant Director, Institute of Classical Archaeology |
471-0197 |
WAG 17

Education: PhD 2004, University of Michigan

Interests: Greek colonization, cultural interaction, ancient food and drink, archaeology of daily life, digital approaches to archaeology

Andrew M Riggsby

Lucy Shoe Meritt Professor and Graduate Adviser in Classics, Professor of Art History |
471-7442 |
WAG 103

Education: Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Photo of Rabun M Taylor

Rabun M Taylor

Professor: Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor and Faculty Undergraduate Advisor |
512-471-0677 |

Education: PhD 1997, University of Minnesota

Interests: Greek and Roman art, architecture, archaeology, urbanism, social history, and material culture

Photo of D. Alex Walthall

D. Alex Walthall

Assistant Professor |
WAG 213

Education: PhD 2013, Princeton University

Interests: Archaeology of ancient Sicily, Numismatics, Hellenistic monarchy

Photo of Stephen A White

Stephen A White

Professor of Classics and Philosophy |
512 475-7457 |
WAG 117

Education: PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Ancient philosophy, Greek literature

Professors Emeriti

Photo of David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Professor Emeritus |
471-5742 |
WAG 110

Education: PhD, The University of Texas Austin

Interests: Latin Poetry, Ancient Literary Criticism, Hellenistic and Roman Literature

Photo of Joseph C Carter

Joseph C Carter

Professor Emeritus |
232-9321 |
MCC 1.406

Education: PhD, Princeton University

Interests: Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

Photo of Ingrid M Edlund-Berry

Ingrid M Edlund-Berry

Professor Emerita |
471-3071 |
WAG 110

Interests: Etruscan and Italian archaeology and culture

Photo of Michael Gagarin

Michael Gagarin

James R. Dougherty, Jr. Centennial Professor Emeritus |
471-8864 |
WAG 15

Interests: Greek Law, Literature, and Philosophy

Photo of Karl Galinsky

Karl Galinsky

Professor Emeritus: Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor, University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
471-8504 |
WAG 215

Education: Ph.D., Princeton

Interests: Roman Literature and Civilization; Cultural Memory in Ancient Rome; Classical Tradition in Popular Culture

Peter M Green

James R. Dougherty, Jr. Centennial Professor Emeritus of Classics |
471-5742 |
WAG 123

Interests: Greek History, Greek Literature, Roman Satire and Elegy

John H Kroll

Professor Emeritus

Interests: Greek Archaeology and History, Numismatics

Photo of Alexander Mourelatos

Alexander Mourelatos

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics |
512-471-6749 |
WAG 200C

Education: PhD, Yale

Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Early Greek Science, Linguistic Theory, Modern Greek Studies

Photo of Cynthia W Shelmerdine

Cynthia W Shelmerdine

Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor Emerita of Classics |
471-5742 |

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

Interests: Aegean Bronze Age

Assistant Instructors

Elizabeth D. Adams

Assistant Instructor

Zafeirios Adramerinas

Assistant Instructor

Photo of John Anderson

John Anderson

Assistant Instructor

Education: MPhil, University of Cambridge

Photo of Hayley Barnett

Hayley Barnett

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Susan Crane

Assistant Instructor

Photo of William Farris

William Farris

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Intertextuality; Narratology; Cognitive Classics; Homer, Hesiod, Apollonius, Lycophron, Virgil, Lucan

Photo of Grace Gibson

Grace Gibson

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Rebecca Kahane

Rebecca Kahane

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Nathaniel Katz

Assistant Instructor |
WAG 215

Interests: Roman history (especially of the imperial succession) and numismatics

Theofilos Kyriakidis

Assistant Instructor

Kevin Lee

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of British Columbia

Photo of Samantha Meyer

Samantha Meyer

Assistant Instructor

Michael Mignanelli

Assistant Instructor

Madeline Monk

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Anna Papile

Assistant Instructor

Joshua Renfro

Assistant Instructor

Photo of Christy Schirmer

Christy Schirmer

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., San Francisco State University

Zoé Elise Thomas

Assistant Instructor

Photo of Jane Millar Tully

Jane Millar Tully

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

David Welch

Assistant Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Kansas

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Marc Bizer

Marc Bizer

Professor of French Studies |
512-471-7780 |
HRH 3.112B

Education: PhD, Princeton University

Interests: Reception of Classical Texts in Early Modern France, Renaissance Latin Literature; Classical Tradition, Tragedy and the Tragic, history of emotions

Photo of John R. Clarke

John R. Clarke

Professor of Art History |
DFA 2.114

Education: PhD, Yale

Interests: Greek & Roman Art and Architecture

Photo of Penelope Davies

Penelope Davies

Associate Professor of Art History |
ART 3.435

Education: PhD, Yale University

Interests: Roman Art and Architecture

Matt Evans

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Steven J. Friesen

Steven J. Friesen

Professor of Religious Studies and Classics: Louise Farmer Boyer Chair in Biblical Studies |
(512) 471-8629 |
BUR 418

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

Interests: Religious Studies; Poverty and Inequality in Early Roman Empire; Apocalyptic Literature; Imperial Cults

Robert J Hankinson

Professor of Philosophy and Classics |
471-5572 |
WAG 409

Education: PhD, Cambridge

Interests: Ancient Philosophy and Medicine, Philosophy of Science

Photo of Ulf R Hansson

Ulf R Hansson

Research Fellow |

Education: PhD, University of Gothenburg

Interests: Etruscan and Early Roman Art and Archaeology; Sphragistics; History of Antiquarianism and Archaeology; Early Modern Reception of Ancient Art and Culture

Sara E Kimball

Associate Professor of English |
471-8363 |
CAL 15

Education: Ph.D., 1983, Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Hittitology

Photo of Jennifer Moody

Jennifer Moody

University Affiliate - Research Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Minnesota

Interests: Archaeology and environmental history of the Aegean (especially Crete)

Photo of Amy Papalexandrou

Amy Papalexandrou

Lecturer, Art History |
Department of Art and Art History

Education: Ph.D., Princeton

Interests: Late Antique and Byzantine Art, Architecture, and Culture

Photo of Athanasio Papalexandrou

Athanasio Papalexandrou

Associate Professor of Art History |
512-471-5021 |
ART 3.404

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University

Photo of L. Michael White

L. Michael White

Professor of Classics and Religious Studies: Ronald Nelson Smith Chair in Christian Origins

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: New Testament and Christian Origins, Jews & Christians in the Roman World, Graeco-Roman Religions, Archaeology

Photo of Paul B Woodruff

Paul B Woodruff

Professor of Philosophy and Classics; Dean of Undergraduate Studies |
475-7000 |
FAC 406

Education: PhD, Princeton

Interests: Ethics, Plato, Sophocles, Thucydides, aesthetics, philosophy and literature

Photo of Marjorie Curry Woods

Marjorie Curry Woods

Blumberg Centennial Professor of English and University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
471 8383 |
CAL 301

Education: Ph.D., U. of Toronto

Interests: Latin Palaoegraphy, Medieval Manuscripts, Medieval and Neo-Latin, History of Rhetoric, and the Classical Tradition (esp. in Pedagogy)