Department of Classics

Publications by Graduate Students


Giuseppe C. Castellano
“An Imperial Gem”

E. Fentress, C. Goodson, M. Maiuro, and M. Andrews eds., Villa Magna: An Imperial Estate and its Legacies: Excavations 2006–2010. Rome: British School at Rome, 2016.

Giuseppe C. Castellano
“Cross-Cultural Currencies: The Litra and Early Sicilian Fractional Silver”

Pocket Change, American Numismatic Society (August 2016)


Jacqueline F. DiBiasie
“Promoting Women in the Latin Classroom with Graffiti”
Cloelia n.s. 4 (Fall 2014)

Jacqueline F. DiBiasie
Review of Cooley, A. and Cooley, M. Pompeii and Herculaneum: A Sourcebook.
Routledge, 2014. BMCR 2014.08.03


Bartolo A. Natoli
“Erotic Lyric"
with R. Rawles, Blackwell Companion to Ancient Sexuality, ed. T. Hubbard, 335-351. (2014)

Bartolo A. Natoli
“Experiential Learning and Latin Instruction”
Journal of Classics Teaching 28, Autumn 2013, 29-33. (2013)


Rebecca A. Richards
“‘Sing the Dionysus’: Euripides’ Bacchae as Dramatic Hymn”
with M. Damen, AJP 133, 343–369. (2012)

David J. Riesbeck
Review of Kevin M. Cherry, Plato, Aristotle, and the Purpose of Politics
Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.10.48 (Cambridge 2012)


James F. Patterson
Review: A. Nightingale. Once out of Nature: Augustine on Time and the Body
BMCR 2012.02.18.

David J. Riesbeck
“Nature, Normativity, and Nomos in Antiphon, fr. 44”
Phoenix 65:3-4, pp. 268-287


Sarah A. James
"Towers and Fortifications at Vayia in the Southeast Corinthia”
with D. Pettegrew and W. Caraher, Hesperia 79(3) July-September 2010, pp. 385-415. (2010)

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