Department of Classics

Undergraduate Advising Office

Classics Undergraduate Advising is:

  • the place to go to explore Classics as a new major or minor
  • for degree-planning for existing majors
  • to discuss post-graduation plans
  • as well as to find out about Classics courses and faculty.

Academic advising can also address more specific questions, such as selecting courses, problems with a class or professor, and referral to other UT services and resources. 

COVID-19 Changes: Beginning March 16, 2020, we are advising students remotely. No in-person, on-campus advising services are being offered. To schedule a remote appointment with the Classics advisor, please go here. Once you have scheduled a remote appointment, the advisor will reach out to you with instructions for connecting with them during your appointment time. For basic inquiries, the best way to direct your request will be to email Susan at Depending on the nature of your questions, she may ask you to schedule a remote appointment. If possible, we ask that you do not call or leave us a voicemail. While we are monitoring our voicemails remotely, it will be easier for us to answer your request expediently if you direct it to email.

Academic Advisor

Susan Somers
Garrison Hall (GAR) 1.140

Susan has been advising since 2010 and advising in the Department of Classics since 2013. She earned her bachelor's degree in history and philosophy from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and her master's degree in history from The University of Texas at Austin.

Declaring the Major

Classical Languages and Classical Studies are open majors. Students under 60 hours simply need to schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor to declare. During peak times, such as registration and the first twelve class days, the Advisor may not be able to see students for new major declarations. Students over 60 hours can generally declare Classical Languages or Classical Studies by meeting with the Advisor and making a reasonable plan toward graduation.