Department of Classics

Projects satisfying UT-Classics Fieldwork Requirement

UT-affiliated projects that offer credit or field schools:

Suitable projects that offer credit or field schools:


  • ARCS Archaeological Field School at Heraclea Sintica
    Excellent field project centered on an ancient Hellenistic city sponsored by the American Research Center in Sofia.  Credits are available through the National Institute of Archaeology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


  • Athienou Archaeological Project
    Multidisciplinary project at the site of Athienou-Malloura and the surrounding valley, 4 credits available through Davidson College. 


  • Azoria Project
    Excavation project at this 7th-6th-century-BC coastal Aegean city in Crete.  Equivalent of 8 credits available through Duke University.
  • D.E.P.A.S. of Mycenae: Lower Town
    Excavations in the valley below the famous Bronze Age palace citadel.  4 credits or international field certificate offered through Dickinson College.
  • Iklaina Archaeological Project
    Excavation at a Bronze Age Site in the area of Messenia, Greece run by the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Staff includes UT Professor Emerita Cynthia Shelmerdine, and numerous UT students have participated in the project during the last years.  6 credits offered.
  • Kenchreai Field School
    Excavations at the eastern port of Corinth.  Field school credits (number TBA) offered through Hampshire College.


  • Dig Ashkelon
    Excavations at the ancient site of Ashkelon in Israel.  Cosponsored by Harvard University, Boston College, Troy University, and Wheaton College.  8 credits available through Harvard Summer School.
  • Tel Dor Excavation Project
    Excavations at this 3000-year-old port city cosponsored by Hebrew University, the University of Haifa, and the University of Washington.  12 credits available through UW.



  • Silchester Field School
    A long-running field project at Insula IX of the Roman town of Silchester administered by the University of Reading.  10-20 UK credits = 4-8 U.S. credits.

Suitable projects that do not offer credit:

  • Carsulae Archaeological Excavation
    Excavations at the Public Baths of the ancient city of Carsulae sponsored by Valdosta State University. The project also participates in the well-known San Gemini Archaeological Ceramics Restoration Program.
  • Excavations in the Athenian Agora
    Long-running expedition sponsored by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
  • Excavations in Ancient Corinth
    Long-running expedition sponsored by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
  • Gabii Project
    Excavations run by the University of Michigan at Gabii, near Rome (will not offer academic credit this year).  The project currently doesn't offer academic credit, but may in the future.
  • Gault School of Archaeological Research
    Excavations at a famous prehistoric site in Texas.  This is an appropriate alternative for students who cannot afford fieldwork abroad.
  • Howard Comfort, FAAR '29, Summer Program in Roman Pottery
    Intensive four-week program in Rome designed to present the basics of Roman pottery studies, which can be gained only through direct contact with ceramic assemblages.  Numerous visits to sites and collections.  Participants are invited to participate in the Pompeii Porta Stabia project (see below).  Sponsored by the American Academy in Rome.
  • San Gemini Preservation Studies
    Courses in various kinds of archaeological restoration in San Gemini, Italy.  Students will have the opportunity to work on archaeological artifacts from the excavation at the Roman Baths of Carsulae.  Several 3-unit courses are offered.  Units correspond to credits, but university sponsorship is variable.