Department of Classics

Eta Sigma Phi

The Department of Classics participates in the Eta Sigma Phi (National Classics) Honor Society. We are the Gamma Sigma Chapter. The chapter maintains both a website and a Facebook page. It also functions as the home for undergraduate classics community at UT Austin. The chapter has an office in Waggener 105 and email address at

What is Eta Sigma Phi?

The purposes of the Society, in the words of the national organization’s Constitution, are "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome." Our chapter functions as a community for undergraduates interested in the ancient world.

What do we actually do?

Eta Sigma Phi hosts academic and social events for the UT classics department. Our meetings often feature informal talks by faculty on their informal interests. Graduate students often speak about their dissertations. We host monthly faculty dinners at nearby restaurants; over the 2016-2017 school year, we went to dinner with Professors Galinsky, Nethercut, Carusi, Hubbard, and Patterson.  Eta Sigma Phi officers hold office hours out of the Eta Sigma Phi office in Waggener 105 to tutor in Greek, Latin, ancient history, and classical civilization courses.

We also try to promote undergraduate cohesion by holding movie-nights, bowling in the Union, and certamen. Some of our chapter’s annual traditions include the organization of the Undergraduate Research Symposium in Classics, a fall and spring used book drive, a tour of the Latin inscriptions around UT (Iter Latinum), and an end of the year department-wide banquet. 

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone, regardless of major, year, or academic focus is welcome to participate in our chapter’s events. 

If you want to become an official member of Eta Sigma Phi, an academic honors society, the national organization requires that you

a)     Complete at least one semester of Latin and/or Greek, with a grade of B or higher.

b)     Pay a one-time $50 fee to the chapter

What are the benefits of membership?

Lifelong membership in the only national classical honors society! Members are eligible to attend the national Eta Sigma Phi convention and graduate with honors chords. Members can also serve as officers for the chapter.

How do I join?

Come to any Eta Sigma Phi event, visit our office in Waggener 105, send us a message on Facebook, email us at (, or  contact an officer.

Who are we?

For the 2018-2019 school-year, the officers are

Sam Ross, President
Rachel Prichett, Vice President
Cassie Winkley, Social Director
Alex Soto, Treasurer
Ethan Russo, Editor-in-Chief of Hapax Legomena