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F C 341 • Americans In Paris

36412 • Jones, Claire
Meets TTH 2:00PM-3:30PM PAR 308
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The City of Light has long served as both a haven and a source of inspiration for scores of expatriate Americans. With Paris and its cultural patrimoine as a backdrop, this course will analyze the writings of multiple generations of travelers, from the bohemian to the bourgeois, who have made Paris their home.  Taking expatriation and exile as two of our main themes, we will examine major social and political trends, events, and debates that have informed the works of artists living and working both at the margins of Parisian society as well as in its most celebrated salons. This course invites students to interpret texts as artifacts that reflect the historical, social, and cultural circumstances of the environment that inspired their creation and to reflect upon their role in the cultural symbiosis between America and France.   All readings and discussion will be in English.

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