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F C 342 • French Through Coding

37375 • Bullock, Barbara
Meets TTH 12:30PM-2:00PM MEZ 1.204
II (also listed as FR 392K)
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The goal of this course is to teach students basic computational tools and skills to automatically process language so that they can explore actual foreign language usage on their own.



Fields of Study:

  • F C = French Civilization
  • FR = French
  • ITC = Italian Civilization
  • ITL = Italian

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Undergraduate Advisor

Heather Peterson
BEN 2.108 (office currently closed)
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Undergraduate Faculty Advisors

Undergraduate Italian Faculty Advisor
Antonella Olson
HRH 2.106B (office currently closed)

Undergraduate French Faculty Advisor
Heather Pelletier
HRH 3.112A (office currently closed)

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