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AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, Union Organizer, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 8720

Fri, July 11, 2014

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You want a Job That Changes People’s Lives? Become A Union Organizer!

Now more than ever, the American Dream is becoming an American nightmare. Corporate executives are getting richer while more and more working people slip into poverty and debt. The rich get tax cuts, and everyone else is left paying the bills to run and protect our country.

To gain real power on the job, workers need a union. Many employers humiliate workers by denying them simple things such as breaks or drinking water. More and more, workers are standing up to these injustices and demanding a voice in decisions that affect their lives. From migrant farm workers in North Carolina to construction workers, to taxi drivers in Houston, car wash in Los Angeles and fast food workers across the rest of the country, workers are fighting for respect, dignity and a voice in their workplaces. And they are winning!

What does a union organizer do?

A union organizer assists workers in gaining union representation. An organizer educates workers (mostly in non-union workplaces) about their rights, identifies and develops leadership skills and runs union organizing campaigns for union recognition.

What kind of Training will someone interested in becoming a union organizer need?

THE AFL-CIO Organizing Institute runs a highly selective, classroom and paid field training and placement program to match talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds who want to be union organizers with unions looking to expand their organizing programs. Organizing Institute training gives an intensive look at the work of a union organizer. The Organizing Institute offers participants a thorough look at a variety of unions to best match individuals with the unions most appropriate for them. Participants learn one-on-one communication skills, leadership identification and development, as well as campaign and strategic planning skills.

Trainees who successfully complete the field training portion of the program are recommended by the Organizing Institute to be hired by local and national unions. Annual starting salaries range from $35,000 to $45,000 with excellent benefits.

Who we are looking for?

Passion, energy & commitment to help workers build power for themselves. Applicant who can travel and/or relocate to where the work is, a plus. Critical need for bi-lingual Spanish speakers, woman & people of color.

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