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Liberal Arts Career Services

Compass Lexecon, International Arbitration Analyst – Houston, TX, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 7607

Fri, November 22, 2013

Analysts are responsible for the completion of qualitative and quantitative research and analysis projects. Analysts are involved in nearly all aspects of project work, interacting closely with other analysts, economists and case supervisors in researching and analyzing data used to prepare final work product. Analysts are expected, at a minimum, to perform this work after having been given clear instructions. Analysts are expected to demonstrate sound analytical judgment and to progress to a level of initiative consistent with the ability to satisfactorily recommend appropriate research, analyses and actions and to implement them with continued consultation of supervisors. 


Research and Analysis 
•Collects specific information (quantitative and qualitative) from identified sources as instructed by supervisors. 
•Utilizes appropriate resources (e.g., Internet, library, subscription services, colleagues, etc.) to identify the range of sources of relevant information, both quantitative and qualitative. 
•Identifies, collects and communicates relevant information (e.g., price; included and excluded information; dates of coverage, etc.). 
•Interprets collected information so that it can be used by economists and case supervisors in the preparation of their expert reports and analyses. 
•Successfully expands scope of research as suggested by supervisors. 
•Executes projects (qualitative and quantitative) as instructed by, and communicates actions to, supervisors. 
•Successfully incorporates modifications to projects and analyses as requested by supervisors. 
•Identifies and communicates data, information and/or inconsistencies to supervisors. 
•Utilizes case-specific documents (e.g., depositions, trial transcripts, expert reports, produced documents, etc.) to identify information specified by supervisors. 
•Summarizes and extracts information relevant to the arguments of the case from case specific documents. 
•Analyzes data used in client projects when asked by supervisors. 
•Formulates and utilizes basic data modeling as requested by supervisors. 
•Effectively creates, organizes and maintains document lists and other methods for internal document management. 
•Effectively documents research and analyses to facilitate communication of progress. 

Work Product Preparation 

•Creates and organizes documentation and backup of work product in hard copy or electronic file. 
•Produces graphical or tabular exhibits. 
•Produces clear presentations, memos and spreadsheets on specific topics for both internal and external use. 
•Proofreads and identifies errors in charts, tables and other work products. 

Job Requirements 


•Strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 
Basic knowledge of SAS, STATA or other statistical software a plus. 
•Fast paced office environment handling multiple tasks and demands. 
•Requires the ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail. 
•Excellent time/stress management skills. 
•Must be able to work independently and as part of a team. 


•Bachelors degree in Economics or Finance. 
•Programming skills a plus. 
•Demonstrated quantitative and qualitative research and analysis skills.

See BTT Gateway Job ID 7607. Application Deadline 11/22

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