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Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Public Policy Foundation, Visiting Senior Economist Fellowship, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 11848

Thu, June 30, 2016

The Texas Public Policy Foundation offers its Visiting Senior Economist Fellowship to economists for four to eight weeks during the summer. The fellowship serves as a bridge between academia and the world of public policy. Visiting fellows work with the Foundation’s scholars and policy analysts to help produce in-depth, innovative, accurate, and timely research on the public policy issues facing Texas and the United States today. 
• The Foundation’s research covers a broad range of issues such as health care, k-12 education, higher education, fiscal policy, property rights, energy, the environment, federalism, criminal justice, economic regulation, and local governance. The senior fellow will be invited to participate in all stages of the Foundation’s research, assisting the policy team in developing research topics, applying the best econometric methods, and incorporating the latest academic research. 
• Economics is at the core of all the Foundation’s research. The visiting fellow will help the policy team in applying economic principles to the analysis of the complex regulatory systems that interfere with extensive portions of the Texas and U.S. economies and in developing recommendations for reducing government regulation. Education will also be a part of the fellowship, with brownbag lunches and other opportunities to help the policy team better understand research methods, the complexity of political regulation, and fundamental free market principles. 
• The Foundation seeks an experienced economist committed to free markets who can assist our policy analysts in applying economic principles and research techniques to our public policy research.

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