Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Translation and Interpretation Network, Interpreter Internship, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 8273

Wed, April 30, 2014

Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) is recruiting interpreter interns in the great Austin area! We are looking for reliable individuals who are proficient in both English and one other language. We will train you to work as professional interpreters. With your skills, you can help provide a vital service to companies and organizations in major industries needing effective and accurate communication between and among clients, patients, families and providers. The segments of the industry are in community settings such as hospitals, schools, social service agencies. Work with a flexible schedule. 
• Earn great money 
• Gain valuable work experience 
Rates start at a minimum of $18.00 per two hours and after that $18.00 per hour. 
If you have experience as an interpreter your rate will be higher. 

Interpreting language from English to target language and from target language to English 

For more information call Fabio Torres at 817- 289-2798 
BTT Gateway Job ID 8273   


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