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Workers Defense Project, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 8718

Fri, August 1, 2014

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The Strategic Initiatives Manger will oversee Workers Defense Project’s efforts to grow to scale by developing and implementing mission-driven programs that create sustainable revenue streams in line with new "functional organizing" initiatives.

Workers Defense Project is seeking a creative, self-starting, and business-savvy individual who will support the growth of the organization by identifying, developing, and implementing strategies that generate profit and empower low-income workers to achieve fair employment. WDP has already identified and begun designing programs around two sustainable revenue streams, and it anticipates that the Strategic Initiatives Manager will advance these projects while also identifying other opportunities for revenue.

The Strategic Initiatives Manager is charged with developing and overseeing the implementation of these initiatives by:
1. Crafting sound business models to deliver excellent high quality services to members that helps build the organization’s membership base and creates sustainable sources of revenue;
2. Collaborating with national partners to exchange best practices, plans, and technological tools; and
3. Working with WDP programmatic staff to implement and test these models for sustainable revenue streams.

• Craft, develop and implement strategic growth initiatives creating earned revenue and furthering the organization’s mission;
• Research and analyze existing "functional organizing" models and projects nationally to develop best practices adaptable to WDP’s distinct needs.
• Test products/services through focus groups and surveys with WDP members and potential external customers;
• Identify and develop sustainable revenue opportunities with business, non-profit, and academic partners;
• Work with programmatic staff to enhance existing programmatic work and prioritize WDP’s mission of developing a base of low-wage workers to win better working conditions;
• Develop and manage relationships with national partners regarding strategic initiative development;
• Recruit, train and oversee the work of research interns and volunteers;
• Create research tools to collect secondary and primary data adhering to guidelines required to work with human subjects;
• Develop and manage project budgets
• Draft internal memos and external reports for publication;
• Represent the organization publicly to partner institutions and funders, as needed
• Oversee administrative functions including completion of monthly reports to guide evaluation of strategic initiatives;

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