Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Art Alliance Austin

Fall 2008 Site Review

Student: Anthropology Junior
Position: Event Production and Non-Profit Management Intern

Art Alliance Austin is a local non-profit that is supported by numerous volunteers and only two salary-paid employees. These two employees, one being the executive director and the other in charge of artist/member relations, are renaissance women. Thus, my job is sort of a renaissance internship.

For a person like myself, who likes to dapple in all sorts of things, this particular internship is great because I get to learn about and do so much. A typical day for me could range from working a gallery event, organizing artist’s submissions for a jury, running around to various studios/venues/etc, going to meetings with our marketing team, or simply doing typical intern things around the office.

Another great thing about this internship is that Allison, Meredith, the board members, and the volunteers are very easygoing and want you to have a good experience. They encouraged me to voice myself as far as what I found interesting/not-so-interesting. For example, when I expressed interest in the marketing/graphic design aspect of things, they started taking me along to their PR/marketing meetings. Also, the organization is made up of tons of different types of people in different types of jobs, which is great for networking.

Today I spent the morning putting together some finishing touches on an event we’re having tonight. The Alliance is throwing their annual holiday party for it’s members at Café Josie on West 6th. This event was pretty easy because the restaurant took care of a lot, but we still had to put in some extra work because the night consists of dinner and a private gallery tour. Despite my battle with Kinkos (not my favorite place in the world), it was a pretty decent day, and tonight I’ll attend the party.

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