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Liberal Arts Career Services

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Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Education Intern
Student: History Sophomore

An internship at The BeHive –Austin has two parts: working on special projects and working with the students during program time. Working on special projects is all independent work. There are once weekly meetings to make sure that the special projects are on target. They are kind of like “check-ins”. They are a great way to make sure everything is on track and going in the right direction. The staff at BeHive is really great about interns picking their own special projects. The intern gets to pick his or her special projects for the semester, with guidance from the staff. Interns are also given smaller projects to work on, but the intern’s special project is the biggest focus of the internship experience. For example, I developed reading lists since I am interested in children’s literacy. The other intern this semester worked on a social-emotional learning handbook for volunteers since she was interested in child development and psychology. The staff caters to what the interns want to do during their time with BeHive.

Interns are also required to go to the actual after-school program once a week and work in BeHive’s volunteer program. Being a volunteer is essentially helping the main teachers in class. The volunteers also help ensure a good teacher-student ratio that way each student gets the attention he or she deserves. Being a volunteer and working directly with the children is probably the most fun part of the internship. Interns really get to know the students and they build relationship. Knowing the students and the program and what they are learning can really help make an intern’s special project more impactful. Both parts of the internship will help anyone looking into an education profession better understand how children’s education operates.

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