Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2016 Site Review

Position: General Intern
Student: Advertising Junior

 At Blackboard I serve as a general intern. My typical day begins with my arrival at 9am sharp. I go say hi to everyone in the office before sitting with my direct supervisor. At that point we discuss what’s going on today and what my projects will be. Sometimes these projects are ongoing and my accessory duties/assignments will be minimal to allow me to continue work on larger projects. After my schedule for the day has been discussed I go to the espresso machine and make it a double. Computer on, journal out, news on, get to work. I try to balance the work I do as I usually have a few projects or assignments to work on, unless it’s a slow day/week. As I chip away at my work I make sure to engage anyone walking by my desk in conversation as that’s just as important. When I wrap up an assignment I deliver it to whoever the work involves and then I usually ask if there’s anything else that person needs. If they don’t have anything for me, I get back to work. If I have no work, I go and ask everyone else in the office if they have anything that needs to be done. If there’s absolutely nothing, then I find something productive to work on. If nobody approaches me after a while with a task, I’ll make the office rounds again. I usually sit it on a meeting or two throughout the day which have already proven to be very educational. The rest of the day is filled with work, chit-chat, maybe some more coffee, lunch, chit-chat, and finally goodbyes and see-you tomorrows. That’s a typical day, but I also tend to go to shoots, off-site projects and whatever else I can manage to tag along to.

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