Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2009 Site Review

Student: English & Asian American Studies Senior
Position: Publishing Assistant Intern

A day in the life of a publishing intern at BookPros starts bright and early at 8 am when the office is still stretching its legs to the sound of grinding coffee beans. Slowly, movement begins within it usually starting with a beeline to the warm fresh coffee. The smell of vanilla cream half and half wafts through the halls swirling between cubicles, which are not really cubicles but more like collective space for book lovers.

The first task of the day is logging onto your trusty intern computer which are given cute rustic names such as : Rusty Horse and Maybel. Even the office printer has a name, Izzy. At BookPros, names are important. Your name and the name of your computer will not be forgotten. After logging in, it is imperative in the publishing industry that you keep up to date with contacts and current events. Thus, checking your email and communicating regularly with your mentor and other book lovers is important. A lot of emails are sent during the work day, to request interviews for authors of certain books, to send out copy of books for review, to get word out about a new up and coming book or author, so being diligent with emails and other forms of communication is imperative for success in the publishing industry.

The second task of the day would be something called publicity updates, affectionately referred to as “pub updates”. Publicity updates are records of each author’s publicity events that need to be updated weekly. The complete records are sent to distributors of the author’s books so they may be advertised as well as have books ready for signings and large events that require a stock of books on hand for sale. These records are done in Microsoft Excel. Proficiency in Excel and other Microsoft Office programs is a plus, but if interns come in unfamiliar with these programs, they certainly leave with proficiency and beyond.

These are the two main and ongoing projects publishing interns are guaranteed every day. Office and clerical work is also the responsibility of interns and generally helping out wherever we can.

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