Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

CBS Radio

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Sports Intern
Student: Liberal Arts Undeclared Sophomore

I understand that most Liberal Arts students are not interested in a broadcasting internship, but I’m sure there’s other students in my similar situation of trying to transfer. Hopefully students who read this will learn from my situation and better understand what their goals are. A typical day for my internship starts bright and early at 6am, at this point I head to the stadium to watch NFL training camp and report on it, or I head to the station and help work on the website. On a training camp day I have a wide range of responsibilities, they range from a player interview transcribed into a written article for, a video of a sports radio personality followed by an editing session, or a combination of both. Each of the responsibilities have a journalistic aspect and a multimedia aspect, meaning each assignment requires computer work and written work. Usually when I have the information from camp that I need I will drive back to the station, finalize my work, and help with any other assignments my supervisor may have for me. On the other hand there are days when I simply show up at the station between 7 and 8am and do a combination of things. I will arrive at my desk and await my assignments from my supervisor, usually on station days my work will consist of video and photo gallery posts that are relevant to a recent sport event or controversy. However, on certain occasions I am given the opportunity to shadow a professional during an on air broadcast. In most cases I will sit in with the afternoon sports talk show producer and help him take calls. This is one of my favorite things to do at the station because it allows for first hand experience and it’s really entertaining. I usually work till 4 everyday and head home exhausted, the internship is a hands on crash course to better understanding the world of sports media, if that sounds interesting than CBS Sports radio 610 is the place to turn.

Summer 2009 Site Review

Student: History Junior
Position: SportsRadio Intern (Houston, TX)

SportsRadio 610 is a fantastic internship site. It offers students the chance to experience a sports talk radio station and interact with hosts, producers, and callers. Something interesting happens every day at the station, whether it be a guest on the phone, a surprise guest in studio, or an interesting caller that provokes intense discussion. If students are looking for an internship filled with excitement, the chance to work in an environment centered on sports, and to meet great people in the media industry, SportsRadio 610 is the place for them.

“A Day in the Life:” As an intern on SR 610’s Morning Crew Show, my day starts early. I wake up at 5:20 to get ready to begin the day giving Houston radio listeners the best sports talk they can get. I arrive at the station and review the previous night’s big sports stories with my producer, Chris Jones. As the hosts begin the show, which lasts from 6-11 a.m., I listen intently, seeing where they are taking the show and what I can do to help it be more interesting and exciting. My early morning usually involves loading audio clips from the previous night’s Astros game. I listen to all the audio clips that are in the Metro system, a program that holds thousands of audio clips and sports stories. After I load the chosen audio, I print out a sheet for Adam, one of the hosts, to use during his “sports flashes”. The flashes are done twice every hour and give listeners quick pieces of information on major sports stories. The rest of my morning is spent answering phone calls, looking for interesting stories that I can give to the hosts, getting breakfast for the guys (very important), and helping producer Chris with whatever he needs. As a person who loves sports, there are never any down moments at SporstRadio 610. During my time, we received many visits from Houston Texans cheerleaders, comedians making stops in town, various professional athletes, and other great public figures. I was able to attend several special events, including a celebrity golf tournament and Texans training camp. SportsRadio 610 has a great atmosphere with people who are willing to help interns learn about the media and decide if it is a possible career for them. I have appreciated all the help they have offered me and would recommend it to anyone.

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