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Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

Throughout the marketing internship with Chick-fil-A, I have learned a lot of useful tactics and communication skills but I have learned a lot about myself as well. Chick-fil-A’s marketing and whole-company ethics are truly breathtaking. This company succeeds at the top of the tear, even when only working six days a week due to its Closed on Sunday policy. They way they sustain this is by striving for service over success and people over profit. 

The marketing intern position with Chick-fil-A consists of four main points. A typical intern can expect to execute the following over the term of this internship. First, I compiled online business data of consumer resource utilization to optimize innovation of the sales force. I frequently collaborated with the Director of Marketing to develop monthly campaigns to drive consumer interaction and sales. I personally increased a strong social media presence by using marketing strategies and tactics to develop content to client’s rapport with interior and exterior events. Lastly, I assisted the marketing director in looking at sales and allocated the budget to needed areas to maximize sales.

A day in the life of this internship looks like doing daily social media and home website updates. This includes information about upcoming events, updates about previous events including pictures, and features of new or highlighted products. A daily task is also distribution of new or featured products to companies. In the past, we have done both breakfast and lunch. Other distribution tactics used is distributing flyers about events hosted within and outside of the stores. These weekly events are called Family Nights or Big Events. Big Events are correlated with holidays each month. Sampling is another weekly task; we feature new smoothies, breakfast items, new grilled chicken, etc.

My work schedule was Thursdays from 4-7pm and Fridays from 11am-6pm every week. On Thursdays, the law clinic students have class/work at 6pm so I got to spend a lot of time talking to them. I would recommend planning your work schedule to include whenever the law students come so you can learn from them and network with them.

Every workday starts the same; you greet everyone in the office, grab a cubicle, and start checking voicemail messages from potential clients. Your job is to write down the potential clients’ information and input everything into the call roster that all of the interns have access to. The call roster is an excel spreadsheet that asks for basic information like “Name,” “Phone Number,” “Date Called,” and “Call Notes.”

After you fill out the information on the call roster, you start making calls to potential clients by order of the date they called. You have to fill out the “Initial Intake form” with as many clients as you can. Make sure you are thorough with your questions and don’t be afraid to investigate into information that might cause confusion or might warrant a new claim. After you finish an intake, you have to input the information into the PIKA database. PIKA is just the database that old all of the clients’ records.

Once a week, you will meet with two supervising attorneys. At the meeting, you go over the potential clients’ intakes. They will either take the case, or more often than not, tell you to reject the client and give you the legal advice to reiterate to the client. You can ask the attorneys anything in these meetings about the law and anything you’re curious about. Then all that’s left is to reject the client and tell them what the attorneys said. You can also ask all of the law students about the intakes or any questions about law school that you might have.

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