Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas

Spring 2015 Site Review

Position: Retail Intern
Student: Sociology Senior 

I am a retail services intern at the TreeHouse gift shop in the Dell Children’s Hospital which is a bit east from campus. I began my day by wearing a polo provided to me by the hospital and makes sure I’m dressed as casual. Not only that, I make sure to put on my ID on my neck with the lanyard provided by work. As I am finished dressing, I grab my backpack so I can bring my books and laptops in order to complete the tasks at work and to also take notes. From there, I head out to my car and make the ten minute commute to the hospital. I park my car in the volunteer parking area, which is the visitor parking area and walk into the hospital. Once I arrive at the hospital I make my way towards the gift shop.At the gift shop, I arrive and meet and greet my co-workers and then make my way to the manager’s office. I work with about ten different volunteers depending on what the days is and how many volunteers show up for the day. At any time there can be no volunteers and at other times there can be more than 4 volunteers at work.

This is always fluctuating and kind of messes with me some days because I do not know who will show up to work that day. When I arrive to the office, my manager and I talk about what the plans are for the day and what we have done so far. We will talk for about thirty minutes to an hour. From there, I am on my own and will go work in an open office. As a result of the gift shop being small, I end up working in separate offices in the building in order to work efficiently and productively. My normal work hours are from 1 to 6, so as a result I do need breaks in between. Therefore, I will grab lunch in the hospital or take a quick nap in order to be more productive for the day. The lunch is pretty good since the hospital always has new things going on and the cafeteria is always booming and bustling.

After 6, I end up going home after being pretty tired from a long and hard day of work. The hours are optimal to me because they work very well and I am always able to work in good way. There is one other task that I get to do at work that is very life-changing. That is what we call the “gift deliveries.” This is where I get to deliver a gift fill with balloons, candies, and a card to a sick patient. The reason it is life changing is because you will see some the biggest smiles you will ever see when you give the kid a gift that, most of the time, have never seen before. That is why going into work is always a great day no matter how bad a day I am having.

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Psychology Senior
Position: Volunteer Services Lead Office Intern

I completed my summer internship as the Volunteer Services Lead Office Intern at Dell Children’s Medical Center. I work eighteen hours per week and my position is unpaid. My supervisor is the Volunteer Coordinator, who is in charge of recruiting, training, and scheduling all of the volunteers in the hospital.
In one aspect of this internship, I basically act as an assistant. I do a lot of general clerical work, such as answering phones, taking messages, sending and answering emails, running errands, filing papers, and maintaining general office organization. In addition, I assist with scheduling new volunteers and logging hours.

In another aspect however, I work very independently. I process new applications, conduct interviews, and conduct orientation sessions for the new volunteers almost entirely by myself. I have completely re-done the existing orientation packets, and have created a new system for processing new applicants.

This combination of clerical duties and independent projects provides me with an overall great experience. It gives me a chance to see how one part of healthcare administration works, a chance to meet and network with professionals in my field, and a chance to improve my office and professional skills.

A typical day at my internship begins at 8am. I spend the morning doing routine activities such as responding to voicemail and email messages, processing applications, conducting interviews, etc. I usually spend the afternoon running errands or working on more pressing activities such as conducting orientation or getting ready for a board meeting. I usually leave the office by 5pm.

This is a great internship; I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare administration or community health.

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