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Liberal Arts Career Services

Equality Texas

Spring 2010 Site Review

Position: Public Policy Intern
Student: Plan II/Philosophy/Government Senior

A “Day in the Life” of an Equality Texas intern is quite hard to describe, not least because what “day” means is subject to so much variation.  Some of the time, one arrives at work and proceeds to engage a variety of important and interesting, but facially boring, tasks.  These can range from doing clerical work around the office, to drafting and reviewing legislation (proposed and/or passed), to doing research important to the 2010 election cycle.  These tasks, while interesting, might still come off as boring to some.  What cannot possibly come off as dull, however, are the other aspects of interning at Equality Texas, that really make it a worthwhile experience. 

Equality Texas is a kind of catch-all for LGBTQ activism in the state of Texas, and as such it advocates on a variety of levels, including grassroots organizing, fundraising, candidate screening, electoral politics, legislative lobbying, impact litigation, and more.  What that means for an intern is that, even on the level of the most mundane tasks, something new is always on the horizon in at least a few ways.  One day an intern might be helping to organize an “Equality Project” training in a Texas city, which is an event to train citizens how to best, and most effectively, be individual advocates to their state legislators, while the very next day that same intern might be reviewing proposed legislation surrounding gender segregated and integrated bathrooms to determine its compatibility with the interests of the transgender community.  What this means for the individual intern, then, is that both the substantive and formal areas of study and engagement in Equality Texas are both numerous and varied, yet all have their roots in a strong vision of equal rights, under the law, for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and yes, even straight Texas citizens.

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