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Liberal Arts Career Services

EyeCube Solutions

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Sales Exploration Program Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior

I interned at EyeCube Solutions, engineering and business Start-up Company, this past summer. I had the opportunity to work directly under the President, so I got good exposure to the inner workings of such a company. However, because of the level I was interning at, I was also entrusted with a number of responsibilities. EyeCube Solutions is a relatively new firm so a considerable amount of their current projects revolve around researching potential clients groups and recruiting these clients. Additionally, they are still in the process of designing their website so that it will be ready to be launched by early next month. My day as an intern at EyeCube Solutions typically started at 9am. My bosses were strict about me being on time so that we could get started on our agenda for the day right away. A large part of the day was spent sitting in on conference calls with potential clients. Though I was initially not allowed to provide any input in these calls, within the first few weeks of interning, my boss began to ask my opinion about several topics. He also asked me to research the backgrounds of clients and their likelihood of ordering our services. These conference calls usually lasted till about 1pm when we were given an hour long lunch break. Often, during the lunch breaks, as well, I sat with my co-workers and discussed our progress this far and what else we planned to accomplish by the end of the day. We also addressed any problems that individuals were having in their tasks so that we could collaboratively come up with a solution. So though the lunch break was for a long time, a considerable part of it was spent in constructive discussion.

Since I had previous expertise of formatting websites, I was a vital part of the team that was in charge of designing the company website. I spent my work hours post lunch working on the website, discussing optimal layouts which allowed for easy accessibility and navigation. The last thirty minutes before closing up, our team came together and discussed our game plan for the next day. This saved time for us the next day since we already knew what we needed to accomplish. My day usually ended by about 5pm.

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