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Hospital Privado de Córdoba

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Spanish & Biology Senior
Position: Pre-Med Internship

The pre-medical internship in the Hospital Privado de Córdoba consisted of rotation in five different areas of medicine: internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. The internal medicine rotation included shadowing first year residents as they made daily check ups, admitted, and discharged patients on the floors. I learned the how’s and why’s of taking histories and performing physicals, along with the professional etiquette for interacting with patients and other doctors. Emergency medicine is a busier rotation that requires learning by doing and observing. This rotation demonstrated the variety of conditions for which patients in Argentina are treated. In the general surgery rotation, I observed both anesthesiologists and surgeons of different specialties. At appropriate times before and during the operation the doctors are more than willing to explain what the surgery is for and how it is performed. Both pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology consisted of observing doctors in consultations, on the floors, and in deliveries. The internship itself is very flexible, as the intern has the option of also attending rounds and classes with the first year residents.

The hospital’s strong emphasis on education is demonstrated by the excellent educational department, which offers the best residency programs in Córdoba. Students from both of the medical schools in Córdoba and from other parts of the world, including Germany and Canada, come to do rotations in the Hospital Privado. The teaching department also collaborates with a medical school in Massachusetts, and every week there is a discussion about a case study from Massachusetts. Also, the library keeps current issues of several journals ranging from general science to specific medicine.

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Summer 2008 Site Review

Student:  Spanish, Music and Biology Senior
Position: Pre-Medical Internship

In reality this internship was more of a daily learning experience than a job. Everyday was something new, different, and exciting that can only be worthwhile with a good background on basic medicine, medical terminology, and anatomy and individual studying outside of the internship site as well.

The first four weeks were spent shadowing residents rotating through clinical medicine with hospitalized patients with a wide spectrum of diseases and treatments. At 7:30am we would meet for rounds where the doctors who had stayed on-call would present the patients that had come in during the night and who had been admitted for treatment. Then the rest of the day was spent following the doctors as they visited and examined each patient. The residents I followed allowed me to auscultate patients and examine them with maneuvers studied beforehand from a physical examination book. Occasionally we would attend classes given by attendings or fifth year residents on a specific protocol or a rare medical case.

I was also able to spend a few weeks shadowing the residents in the general surgery department. This was truly a fascinating experience. The surgeries began everyday at 8:00am and could go until 8:00pm. I spent most of the day in the operating rooms simply observing and asking questions about the surgeries, while assisting with minor tasks as well. I was even allowed to scrub in to two different surgeries where I assisted the surgeons during the operation.

The rest of the weeks were spent observing and assisting in pediatrics, gynecology, and in the emergency room where I was able to see births, cesarean sections, and learn to run and read an electrocardiogram.

Overall this was an amazing learning experience I would recommend to any student.

Check out the Córdoba Internship Program to learn about Argentine internships.

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