Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Keller Capital

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Property/Investment Portfolio Manager
Student: Economics Senior

My internship with Keller Capital turned out to be somewhat of an anomaly, but an incredible opportunity nonetheless.  What I mean is that I had the unique opportunity of timing that allowed me to intern with Keller Capital at the exact moment they were in need of an intern.  The company commenced only a couple years ago, so is still brand new and growing, but with that is an always changing atmosphere that requires varying individual positions at a time. 

When I started a year ago KC badly needed an intern to help evaluate possible venture capital investments as well as manage a warehouse property that we own.  Being in Austin this was a win-win for both the company and I for me to take on this position.  The entire goal of my internship from the standpoint of the partners of the company and myself had two parts: one was for me to learn about investing equity into separate business entities as well as real estate, the other was to learn how to manage these investments, ultimately to produce the most growth within the company.  This mindset put me immediately on a path not as an intern, but as a working student of the company.

The simplest way I can describe my job is that I essentially get to play monopoly in the real world, with someone else’s money.  I obviously would discuss every possible business venture with my boss in detail before we made a move, but the excitement of the hunt is what made me love the internship.  Each day I would first handle any management issues at the property we owned, then search for other properties for us to acquire, and finally view the equity investments our CEO was evaluating.  Though my knowledge and experience were close to none when I began, I learned an immense amount during this internship that will benefit me for years to come.

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