Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Man Up Texas BBQ, LLC

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: History Junior

Man Up Texas BBQ, LLC, is a small company that focuses on four different business ventures pertaining to the barbeque business world including Texas Q Tours, The Q Card, All-Star Sauces, and the annual Gettin’ Sauced event. The goal of the company is to bring together barbeque makers with barbeque lovers and continues to try to expand its business. The primary way of expanding business is finding other businesses to partner with or sponsor Man Up Texas BBQ. This is where the interns come in. Throughout the course of my internship I would say that the most frequent task I was assigned was e-mailing various companies and businesses to see if they would like to partner up with one of the four business ventures or sponsor an event that is organized by the company. Communication is probably what this internship involved the most, whether it is communicating with the heads of the company, potential clients, or my fellow intern. The workload for this internship can be much, but it is not overbearing and assigned in a way that allows you to work on your own time as long as you finish your work. Finishing the technical part of a task is not necessarily the end of that task, considering that the heads of the company may be expecting your opinion or feedback on a certain decision the company should make. Part of the internship is providing insight to what you feel would be a good business decision for the company. For example, I was assigned the task of researching events in a given month and providing possible dates that would work for the company to schedule one of their Texas Q Tours. A typical day with Man Up Texas BBQ is not very stressful, but can be very productive in terms of business development, event planning, and marketing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my internship and feel that it has been of great value to me.

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