Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

MQ&C Advertising

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: American Studies Senior
Position: Account Services Internship

A typical day at Morris and Carman Advertising is pretty straightforward, but pretty fast paced, since I went for three hours every day. I get in at 3:00 pm, and if I have left over work from the day before, I finish that assignment. If I finished everything the day before, then I go to Page (my supervisor) and she gives me my next assignment. Sometimes it is something for one of her clients: for example, I had to work on a pitch for Tres Amigos, a client Page was trying to obtain. However, since Page is not the only Account Executive at MQ&C, and because I am the Account Executive Intern, sometimes there are assignments for me from the other four AE’s, ranging from making copies of a proposal to doing competitive research for a potential client.

The day typically progresses like that. If I finish an assignment, I then send it to whomever gave it to me, and then receive my next assignment. Very rarely do I have one big assignment that takes the entire day – usually I am helping someone else do a big assignment by doing the small tasks that are needed of me.

Because Morris and Carman Advertising is such a small advertising agency (only 21 people work there), there is no one specific task that is required of me. Sure, the employees at MQ&C each have their own specialized field, but they are also required to step out of their boundaries and do things that they haven’t been trained in. So, I have found myself working on various projects throughout the summer. They can range from doing research for a pitch for new business to coming up with ways to show potential clients that we ‘get them.’ A perfect example of this is when Freebirds came to MQ&C to see if they liked us. I was asked if I could think of any way to make them think that we would be a good fit for them, and I came up with the idea of everyone having something made out of foil on their desks (because that is what Freebirds is famous for). The person who asked me for ideas LOVED my idea, and I found myself playing with foil that day. If you intern at MQ&C – expect the unexpected. Expect to be pushed past your limits. Expect to learn a lot. And expect to reap the benefits of it for YEARS to come.

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