Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

News 8 Austin

Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: Sports Intern
Student: Government Senior

My summer internship was with News 8 Austin as the sports intern. A typical workday for me consists of coming into the office for a few hours three-four times a week. In the office, I would look up possible sports headlines on the Internet relating to the Austin market. If there were any local stories, I would then look in the archives for highlight video to reuse for the story. All the archived videos are located on tapes, and I would download the parts I needed for a specific story onto the computer. I was equipped with my own desk and computer, which made me feel like a valuable and equal asset to the staff. From here, I would use the program Avid Liquid to cut and edit the highlight. This includes an opening shot, the play, and enough footage to cover the time of the script. Most of the time, I would strive for each highlight clip to be in the 30-second range. After the clip is cut for the show, I would then load it into the system. For some of the highlights, my supervisor would let me write the script or the shot sheet for each clip. Writing scripts include a great deal of knowledge on the specific highlight as well as various statistics.

Depending on how busy the sports day, I could be working on one to many highlights. Some days I would come in to go out with sports reporters for fieldwork. In fieldwork, I would log interviews and any other significant information that may be news worthy. My fieldwork jobs ranged from holding the microphone during interviews to logging press conferences and interviews. Sometimes I would accompany the reporters to various events to shadow them, and learn how things worked and what types of questions were best to ask. The sports office recently moved into an upgraded office with more space, and with four televisions on the walls to sports. This upgrade was a vast improvement, made it enjoyable to come into work everyday.

Spring 2010 Site Review

Position: Sports Intern
Student: Liberal Arts Sophomore

Working in the sports department of any news station means that your schedule will never be set or be like your typical 9-5 job. Most sporting events happen in the afternoon or at night, so on a typical day I would arrive at the station at 3pm and be working till anywhere from 7 to 10pm. Once I get to the office I immediately sit at any open computer and open up the NewsMaker, which lists all the stories being worked on that day. If there isn’t much going on then there isn’t a lot for me to do except for look on with my supervisor and help them with whatever they are working on. Then at around 5 or 6 I will go out with someone to a game or player availability.

At games I mostly watch while the anchors film the game then write down specific highlights they can look for later when the film is edited. After the game we collect postgame material with the players and I will hold the mic for so the anchor can ask questions. Next we go back to the station to load the video and edit the material for a story. When the show is complete there isn’t much left for me to do and I get to leave. Besides helping the anchors in the field my responsibilities are pretty much whatever is asked of me. I learned how to do a lot with their editing software and the video archives. I also wrote up stories for the anchors to edit and use if they were crunched for time. I gained a lot of experience and would recommend this for anyone interested in sports and sports broadcasting.

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