Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2009 Site Review

Student: Government Junior
Position: Advertising Intern

My internship with Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment was very valuable to me. I experienced on-site work including sales pitches, proposals, and advertising/marketing decks. My days went by very fast because I was dealing with so much work on a daily basis. My supervisor did not seem intimidating and I was not ashamed of little mistakes I made on my work. I learned a lot each day working with other interns and collaborating as well. I found it difficult working full-time for no pay the first month, but I learned a lot about myself during that month. Working 9 to 5 pm wasn’t my ideal summer vacation but I was lucky to have so much input in my job. Most interns do not experience the work experience like I did over the summer. After a couple of weeks of working on proposals it was tiresome. After nine weeks of work with Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment I had finished over 15 proposals that still needed work.

My workday at Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment consisted of coming in at 9 am and looking over proposals or sales pitches that needed to be worked on. We usually had a meeting that lasted about an hour to two hours everyday going over each proposal. After the meetings we would get back to work before lunch started. Then we would take a one-hour lunch break before we had to get back to work on our proposals. By the end of the week we were suppose to have our proposals done and turned in to our supervisor. Some weeks I would have one or two proposals due; other weeks I had up to five or six proposals due by the end of the week. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment but I was hoping to experience other things in the workforce like meeting clients and watching my manager deal with customers.

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