Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Public School

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Photography Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

Working at Public School, you are surrounded by men in their late twenties to early thirties that are living the dream. Each partner, two of which work in photography and the others work as designers, has their own clientele. There are always projects in the works, whether individual or collaborative, and the occupants of the studio can change on any given day. As a creative space, these freelancers invite their clients to the studio for meetings and for exchange of inspiration. As an intern, and a fly on the wall, this is where I learned the most.

At Public School I was introduced to the business operations of an entrepreneur. These self-employed twenty-somethings talked shop on a regular basis, networking and brainstorming with their clients. As a creative, each had to express their ideas successfully and communicate what it would take to make their projects realities. As an intern, you help in keeping up with these meetings and making sure they do not overlap with other obligations. As an intern at Public School I was also able to see and aid in the process through which these projects took shape.

Although there were always projects and events in the works, because each individual partner was so concerned with their personal work, it was easy to overlook the intern or forget that I was there to help them assuage their efforts. I had to be proactive in communicating my presence and reminding them that I was there to help. When I was not involved in the details of these various projects and photo shoots, I was searching the web for material to be posted to the Public School blog. I had to browse through a number of blogs on my Google Reader to accumulate creative, interesting content that would be representative of the Public School image and voice. I also regularly added to the Texas Humor Twitter account that my boss started and manages. He had me create tweets of Texas related demeanor and save them to be posted at a later date. 

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