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Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Legislative Council

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Messenging Intern
Student: Government Junior

An internship at the Texas Legislative Council is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a political career and exposure to the workings of a democratic legislature. The Texas Legislative Council acts as a third party to the Texas Legislature. The Council performs research on prospective policies and drafts legislative bills. The Texas Legislative Council is a non-partisan state agency, so it accepts requests from all members of the legislature without discrimination of political party. During the 82nd legislative session, the Council was in charge of facilitating the redistricting efforts and ensuring the accuracy of legislative bills and amendments.      

As an intern with the Texas Legislature Council, one is given a set schedule of four hours a day, five days a week, thus making the time commitment twenty hours a week. The hours at the Council are not flexible, and must be the same every day. For example, an intern would work from 1:00-5:00 PM Monday-Friday. Every intern is given one sick day a month. The internship is paid, and interns are able to accumulate comp time (overtime) pay for additional hours worked. There are often on-call shifts scheduled for evenings and weekends. An internship with the Texas Legislative Council is a very big time commitment, but it is definitely worth it!       

Duties at the Texas Legislative Council include facilitating intra-agency and interagency communication, delivering documents, and assisting with all necessary Council operations, with the ability to explore specific departments as interests and time allow.      

The Texas Legislative Council is divided into several departments, including, but not limited to, research, legal, document production, graphics, printing, accounting, and human resources. The Texas Legislative Council shares a building with the Sunset Commission, which is in charge of reviewing state agencies and determining whether or not the State’s needs are being met with its existing agencies. Because of the close proximity of the two agencies, exposure to both is guaranteed.         

An internship with the Texas Legislative Council, as stated above, can be demanding, but it is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in government and/or public policy.

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