Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Emergency Services Retirement System

Spring 2017  

Position: Public Pension Intern
Student: Economics Senior

A typical day at the Texas Emergency Service Retirement System (TESRS) is robust and exciting. There is a lot of responsibility for a public pension intern. This state agency is a bit understaffed and resources are scarce. One must take the mindset that they are there to serve the people that protect them, the firefighters. I was responsible to make sure I was doing my doing due diligence as a state employee on anything I worked on.

The work done during my internship consisted of adding new members to the system, legislative issues, and public speaking. If it is not already required for you to do so, I highly recommend that one completes the training that the Pension Review Board has online before starting the internship for the agency. It covers the ethics, governance and financial duties a public pension employee must know in order to do their job(s) effectively.

There are a lot of ways you can help the agency. My work consisted of taking notes on legislative hearings, giving speeches to a board of trustees and staff members, and entering member data into an excel work sheet so that it could be transported into the retirement system. There are so many opportunities to work on something that interests you. All of the doors are open at the agency because after you have done your training, you are able to give your input on anything they are working on. I was asked for my opinion on certain issues daily.

Everyday the executive director would make the rounds and check what all the staff were working on or needed help with. And almost everyday I would have someone with meaningful work waiting for me to do when I walked in the door, so I wasn’t just making copies for someone or getting them coffee. This internship was a unique experience because though it is a small agency, I was constantly learning something meaningful. 

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