Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

UT-UNC Spanish Language/Culture Program

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Communication Studies Senior
Position: Communication Intern

During my amazing time in Argentina, I spent my time serving as a Communication Intern for the UT-UNC Study Abroad Program. Due to the job description, I would recommend this job for any Communication major or anyone interested in International Communication.

My main responsibilities of my internship included: executing the upgrade of the Program website to a CMS platform, reviewing and updating the website´s English content, reviewing and updating the Student Handbook´s English content, reviewing and updating the Longhorns en Córdoba Newsletter, proposing new layouts to improve different Program communication pieces, preparing and translating memos and email announcements for Program students and other English speaking addresses, taking, collecting, and selecting pictures of the Program students and activities, as well as student´s comments, to be used in future pieces of communication, and assisting different coordinators in the communication of Program information, news, and instructions to students.

I really enjoyed my internship because due to the small size of my internship site, I was given more responsibility and had more room for creativity in my work. Also due to the small size, I was able to create better relationships with my co-workers and was given a lot of attention in improving my Spanish. I also really enjoyed my internship site, in that because I worked in an international office, I was able to watch the differences in dealing with Argentine and non-Argentine clients. Not only did my site work with students from Texas, but there are also a significant number of students from Argentina that want to do exchanges in Texas, so it was really interesting to see the communication differences between Argentine students and American students.

Check out the Córdoba Internship Program to learn about Argentine internships.

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