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Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2016 Site Review

Position: Strategy Analyst
Student: Economics Junior    

Today I woke up at six thirty in the morning, got ready for work, drove my rental car to the local grocery store, and hopped on the Los Angeles freeway to drive to the office. I expected a relaxed morning. However, ten minutes into my thirty-minute commute my manager called me on the car’s Bluetooth to alert me I would be attending the client meeting that was in less than hour and to come prepared with the files we revised the evening before. The trajectory of my day drastically changed with the stress and thrill of spontaneously sitting in on my first client-facing meeting.

An internship within in Accenture, and the consulting industry in general, is unpredictable in that you never know what your day or week will be like. To succeed in this fast-paced environment, one needs to not only be ready to learn quickly and think on one’s feet but also have a passion for change and fast development of products.

At Accenture, interns are first placed within a type of consulting when recruiting and then a project is assigned on the first day of the internship. This project could be in any industry and be for any type of work. Last year I worked in the energy industry on research and this summer I worked on value targeting for a healthcare client. The possibilities are truly endless but no matter the project there are a few common themes to keep in mind.

Within the variability of Accenture, all analysts are more successful when they come in with technical skills such as excel and PowerPoint, along with effective communication skills. Moreover, I’ve noticed the incredibly successful consultants at Accenture advocate for themselves and others, spend time developing their technical skills, and maintain a genuine inclusive attitude. Overall, be ready to learn and have a collaborative attitude.

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