Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Advise TX

Spring 2017  

Position: College Advisor
Student: English Senior

It first begins by getting to know the lay of the land. Each intern for Advise TX will be placed in a different high school around Austin; Atkins High School, KIPP High School, Travis High School etc. depending on whether you have a car, or not. That being said, each internship experience will be different. For this internship, there is not just one “Day in the Life.” For example, at KIPP high schools they are very college driven, the advisor’s data seems to be higher numbers than other schools, because of the requirements their school has on the students. This does not mean that the advisor has an easy job, they are still required to provide their students with the information they need to actually get in and go to a higher education institution. At Travis High school, my internship placement, it is a lot more different than that of KIPP. Since it is not as college driven as KIPP, the Advise TX advisor has to make sure all of their students are actually aware it is time to think about college, and to know that the GO center is there to help them prepare for life after graduation. So, in this sense each experience is different. Each advisor has an abundance of work to do, so as an intern it is your job to help with the details, with presentations, with FASFA help etc.

At Travis High School, most of my tasks required creativity, detailed oriented awareness and a love for crafts. The intern’s day to day work depends on what the advisor at your school needs to do, complete or get started on. For the most part, I came in right after their lunch (unfortunately missing most of the day’s action, considering a lot of the seniors only have free time to complete their documents, forms, applications during that time) and was greeted with forms that needed faxing, or other miscellaneous tasks. However, after coming in for a couple of weeks, the advisor and I came up with daily tasks and weekly tasks. For example, I came up with the idea of having a “SCHOOL OF THE WEEK” bulletin board, allowing students to simply walk past the board and get to know a new school, such as Texas A&M San Antonio, or Sam Houston state. Each Friday, I already knew one of the main tasks would be picking a school, and getting relevant information about it: percentage of first gen students, if the school is a HBSU, tuition etc. And, the advisor at Travis always wanted to use a bigger bulletin board to create the GO CENTER CALENDAR, so each month it was my duty to update the calendar and post up scholarship deadlines, important dates and any other event the juniors and seniors needed to be aware of. Each school will be different. Each college area will have different tasks regarding the same goal: college readiness. 

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