Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

AXA Advisors

Spring 2017  

Position: Financial Planning Assistant
Student: Economics Junior

AXA Advisors is a life insurance and financial planning firm that is one of the biggest firms across the world.  Life insurance is a vehicle used to create generational wealth, wealth that provides for the family of a deceased member and helps pay for funeral costs, college tuition, and much more.  There is also an investment side that allows individuals to generate tax free investment dollars that can eventually pay off the life insurance premiums and create usable cash.  The Life Insurance industry is a very difficult industry to pursue because the agents are ultimately selling an intangible product over the phone to individuals who they do not necessarily know.  Agents cold call and warm call clients constantly trying to set up meetings either virtually or in person to go over what exactly it is that AXA Advisors offers them.  As mentioned earlier, they offer life insurance and financial planning that secures futures for the younger generations given the main holder passes away. 

My job at AXA Advisors required me to work ten to twelve hours a week, working alongside my bosses to help create a beneficial experience for their clients.  Some of the tasks I had to include formulating spreadsheets with client names and contact information that my bosses would utilize later as they cold called them.  I also had to organize documents as they transferred all their paper into a digital format.  My experience was very beneficial at AXA Advisors because I could work alongside my bosses and provide input where I felt necessary, as well as learning a whole lot about the industry.  Overall, I had a great experience working with AXA Advisors.

Spring 2011

Position: CRM Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

For the past six months, I have been interning at AXA-Advisors under the supervision of the Client Relations Manager. I can whole-heartedly say that it has been an extremely positive experience for me and I have learned so much about the company and working in general. All of the people in the office that I have met have been very welcoming and kind to me each day and I feel like I am a part of the staff that helps the company improve each day.

AXA-Advisors is a branch of the AXA-Equitable company, which is a financial advising corporation that handles insurance, investments, and other annuities that clients can benefit from by having one of these policies. In the beginning of my internship, I spent most of my days becoming more familiar with the software that the company bases its database out of. The system is unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with but I picked up the framework quite easily. Now, I daily pull client quotes for financial advisors, run inforces for policies, fax important documents, check my supervisor’s voicemails (his phone is always ringing so I keep a spreadsheet of the reasons for calling), merge documents to create form letters, stamp and seal envelopes, and send out important papers to advisors in other cities. Although it sounds like a lot, I have mastered each of these tasks in just a few months and I know that the company branch counts on me to produce these things in order for the financial advisors to be able to be completely beneficial to the incoming clients.

I am usually at the office for about three hours a day and I purposely planned my schedule to where I would be very flexible with my availability to work. Being the CRM Intern is a great position for just starting out in the workforce and my time at AXA-Advisors has been nothing but pleasant and valuable for my future in the workforce.

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