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Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2015 Site Review

Position: Legislative Support Intern
Student: Government and Psychology Senior

Working at Blackridge, which is a small governmental affairs firm, has been a rewarding experience that I will always value. My internship occurred during the 84th Texas Legislative Session and so the pace at my office was much more hectic than it is typically.

Texas has legislative sessions once every two years that last approximately half a year. During this legislative session, the people I work with often arrive at work around 7 a.m. and do not leave until around midnight. Working weekends is common for them. However, my supervisors have never asked me to stay later than I am comfortable or to come in on the weekends.

Most days when I come into work, I do some small clerical tasks such as organizing pamphlets delivered earlier in the mornings. Some days, though, my supervisors already have an assignment waiting for me at my desk. Typically, my supervisors either need me to deliver something to them at the Capitol or I need to deliver various sorts of items to representatives’ and senators’ offices. Delivering items to the Capitol is one of the most time consuming aspects of my internship. This is something I greatly enjoy because I have gotten to build relationships with staff members in many members’ offices.

When I am not making deliveries, I assist my supervisors in whatever tasks they need help completing. Sometimes this means things as simple as making copies but sometimes it means much more complicated tasks. Blackridge’s Legislative Assistant and Controller and Ethics Compliance Officer are my most immediate supervisors and they are typically the people who give me projects to complete.

In addition to the tasks I have mentioned, I also do a good deal of stereotypical “intern” duties. I often pick up lunch for the office, stock the fridge with sodas, and run other sorts of errands. I do not mind doing things in the least because I think it is nice to be out of the office. I have also come to realize that when you do tasks like these with a smile on your face, your supervisors are more inclined to give you more substantive assignments. The people at Blackridge are truly incredible, and because of them, I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who had an interest in lobbying.

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