Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Spring 2016 Site Review

Position: Clinical Intern
Student: UTeach Liberal Arts

Center for Autism and Related Disorders is a privately owned healthcare clinic dedicated to providing services to children with autism and their families. Our primary service to patients is ABA therapy – Applied Behavior Analysis. Applied Behavior Analysis is a one-on-one therapy given to children who have autism in order to help them catch up on developmental milestones that their normally developing peers have already reached. These milestones include language skills, motor skills, socialization, and other essential tools that children need in order to thrive.

Interns are highly trained in ABA therapy before they begin providing therapy independent of a supervisor. Training consists of 40 hours of videos and role playing provided by the office, and then several weeks of overlapping other therapists’ sessions and slowly taking more responsibility in each therapy session. Eventually, interns will be assigned their own clients and given a permanent work schedule for the semester.

Interns should expect to work about 10-15 hours per week unless told otherwise by the supervisor. In addition to working these 10-15 hours every week, interns are expected to fill in for other therapists during times they are available. When applying for this job, interns will fill out an availability form, and if they say they are available at a specific time, say Tuesday afternoons, and another therapist can’t make their Tuesday afternoon therapy session, you may be required to fill in for them. If interns do not want to do fill ins at a specific time, they should mark that time as unavailable.

As for the roles of an intern you are considered a Behavior Therapist, just like everyone else. You are responsible for providing ABA therapy to your client, attending clinics with patients, parents and supervisors to communicate progress and needed changes, and for taking accurate data on your client in order to keep track of progress.

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