Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Cocolevio, LLC

Spring 2017  

Position: Data Science and Software Development
Student: Geography Junior 

A typical “day in the life” at Cocolevio is difficult to describe because so far, not one day has been the same as another, but that’s one of my favorite things about working for this company. Cocolevio is a start-up company in Austin that has been operating for about a year. Cocolevio is a business and technology consulting company and a software development company. Since the business revolves around developing software to solve any problems a business is having and Cocolevio does not limit itself by focusing on a single type of business, any responsibilities and roles can take a 180 degree shift in 24 hours. However, I will attempt to describe a typical current work day at Cocolevio, even though it will be vastly different from six months ago when I first started because start-up companies are constantly changing. 

I usually role into the office a little before nine o’ clock and go through my coffee making, water filling, morning ritual. Once I get settled into my desk and have my computer up and running and all my stuff arranged on my desk, I will lean over to my CTO and supervisor sitting next to me and ask what task has priority today (since the business development side of the company is constantly negotiating current/new deals) and we will go over a rough agenda for the day. An attractive feature of working for Cocolevio is that there is almost no micro-managing as long as what needs to be done, gets done. Therefore, I like to start the morning by working on a few tasks I know I can knock out relatively easily and quick just to get the brain juices flowing. I then will start on the most difficult project or task for that day. Cocolevio believes in learning by being thrown into the deep end, so I am spending most of the time trying to problem-solve to figure out how to complete this task only leaning over and asking my CTO for help when it’s absolutely necessary. At some point in the day, my CTO will have me roll over to his desk and we will pair-program a difficult, conceptually intensive problem. This is a time when he can teach me and I can learn something more difficult, but I can also assist him so no conceptual mistakes are made. In addition, there will be random meetings/calls with clients where I am attending purely to offer technology guidance and answer any technical questions they may have. That is a pretty standard day at Cocolevio.

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